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Personal Accident

Personal accident is a feature often found in travel insurance cover and provides an amount payable should you encounter an accident whilst on your holiday and injure yourself. The injury must be bodily injury and solely and independently of any other cause, result within 2 years in your death, loss of limb, loss of sight or permanent total disablement. The maximum amount payable will be shown in your policy document.

Should you suffer loss of limb, this will mean loss by permanent severance of an entire hand or foot or the total and permanent loss of use of the hand or foot.

Should you suffer loss of sight, this will mean total and irrecoverable loss of sight which will be assessed as follows

  1. Loss of sight in both eyes if your name is added to the Register of Blind Persons on the authority of a fully qualified ophthalmic specialist and
  2. In one eye if the degree of sight remaining after correction is 3/60 or less on the Snellen scale.

You may find that you will need to be examined as often as considered necessary if you make a claim.

Often you will find that benefit is not payable until one year after you have sustained the injury and you would need to check your policy wording to if you wanted to claim for more than one item. Your policy will let you know if more than one item can be payable at any one time. Benefit may be restricted or not payable if you are able to or may be able to carry out any relevant occupation.

Whenever a claim is presented the insurer will require documentation in support of this. This may be a medical certificate or in the event of death a death certificate which must be an original.

Not all activities or events can be covered and included for personal accident and you may often find that voluntary work is not included and there may be some restrictions on the extend of cover that can be provided under war risks, civil commotion and terrorism.

On checking your policy wording please always take time to read any important conditions relating to health as these often apply to the personal accident section of the policy.

Personal accident is a useful benefit to know that you have cover which can result in a large lump sum payable should you need this.

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