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On top of the world

Hiking is a fun outdoor activity that allows an individual to become one with nature. Though some trekking destinations require training, and in some cases expensive equipment, there are several places around the world where hiking is a viable option.

Reaching the top of the mountain after several hours (or in some cases days) of hiking can be an extremely satisfying experience not just for the sense of achievement but, even more so, for the awe-inspiring views, both on the trek up and of course at the summit, that will make your endeavour more than worthwhile.

The Flexicover Team takes a look at some destinations that will make you feel on top of the world.

Swinica, Tatra Mountains, Poland

The Swinica is a mountain which is part of the main crest of the Tatra Mountains in Poland. A popular skiing area during the winter there are a number of mountain hiking trails for beginners to try out. During the summer it is a particularly stunning spot with all the beautiful flower meadows and lakes to visit. The climb is relatively steep but there is the option of a cable car which takes the hikers to Kasprowy Wierch which is 1,987 metres high. From this point reaching the peak is only a three hour hike.

Monte Bronzone, Italy

This mountain lies just above Lake Lugano which is a relatively easy climb. There are a number of villages tucked into the forested hillside at the base of the mountain which provide multiple trails to choose from when planning your route up. The 1,434 metre summit of Monte Bronzone offers amazing views of Lake Lugano and the car-free Castello village. The area is also scattered with waterfalls, wildlife and remote farms which you can stumble upon on your wanders.

Kala Patthar, Khumbu Valley, Nepal

Nepal has some of the most beautiful mountain ranges with truly breathtaking views. Though Mt. Everest and K2 are extremely high and require a high degree of mountaineering experience and equipment, there are a number of other options for a Himalayan adventure. Kala Patthar is normally tackled as part of a 15 day trek from Everest Base Camp. The 5,600 metre peak does provide a certain amount of challenge, as the route to the summit is steep and loose with lots of switchbacks. However, you won’t be disappointed when you reach the top as it offers some of the most beautiful and up close views of Mt Everest.

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

A lot of Ethiopia is actually mountainous highlands which is perhaps counter to what most people imagine when they think of Ethiopia. The Simien Mountains, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offer superb highland trekking with far reaching views, wildlife and an incredible local culture. It is also home to Ethiopia’s highest peak, Ras Dashen, which reaches an elevation of 4,620 metres. The summit climb is a long hike following trails, although there is a small scramble up solid rocks to reach the summit requiring no technical skill. The best time of year to trek here is October, November and December, following the rainy season (June – September) when the flowers make a truly spectacular sight.

Stony Bay Peak, Akaroa, New Zealand

New Zealand’s varying landscapes and mountainous scenery makes it an ideal place for the trekking adventurer and whilst there are certainly more challenging trails Stony Bay Peak, at the heart of South Island’s seaside town Akaroa, is a family-friendly climb. Take the circular, sign-posted route to the 806 metre summit and back again on the same day. Stony Bay Peak offers hikers some of the most beautiful views overlooking Akaroa Harbour and the hike to the peak takes roughly five hours. As long as you are relatively fit you shouldn’t have any problem completing the trail.

If you are planning on going hiking in the mountains our policies can cover treks of up to 3,000 metres as standard. But if you are planning on tackling a higher ascent then give us a call as we may be able to offer cover for an additional premium.

Whatever your next travel adventure is, whether it’s heading up a mountain or just taking it easy on the beach, always remember that we at Flexicover are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.