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New routes in 2016

The arrival of 2016 not only brings with it the tradition of making (and trying to keep) all those New Year’s resolutions, it also means a whole new set of annual leave days are now available. Rejoice!

Given our appetite for discovering and exploring new places, airlines have responded by introducing plenty of new routes in the year ahead. This hopefully means that for many of us there will be less need to travel such a long way to the airport in the first place or having to endure annoying stopovers just to get to your destination of choice.

The Flexicover Teams highlights a few of these exciting new routes leaving little reason not to grab the opportunity to tick one or two of these places off the bucket list this year.

London Heathrow to San Jose, Costa Rica

From April 2016, British Airways will be the first airline to fly direct from London to Costa Rica, and this is the best news for holidaymakers since roaming charges were scrapped. Costa Rica is one of the broadest and best destinations around. Not only does it have some fabulous beaches which are great for surfing or sunbathing, but across its 51,000km2, it contains enthralling rain cloud forests, wondrous active volcanoes, five-star resorts, the buzz of Latin American cities and cosy backpacker villages. Also home to one of the world’s richest ecosystems, with all sorts of vibrant bird and animal life including the famous red-eye tree frog, it’s one not to be missed.

Manchester to Beijing, China

In the past few years the Chinese tourist market has gained momentum, so the Hainan Airlines route between Manchester and Beijing may just have something more to do with showing off Manchester, and the surrounding area, to the Chinese. But it still gives those living in and around the North West an easier way to visit China. There’s so much to see and do in Beijing, a stopover flight would have just wasted precious time. Now, with direct flights four times a week, holidaymakers can save their energy on seeing the Great Wall of China, visiting the Forbidden City and paying homage at Tiananmen Square to name but a few of the amazing array of sights waiting to be seen.

Glasgow to Salzburg, Austria

Glaswegians need not spend half their journey time travelling to the airport to get to the picturesque city of Salzburg – British Airways now fly direct once a week. For those curious, Salzburg is a fascinating destination. Classical music fans can pay homage to Mozart, who was born in a building that’s now a museum dedicated to his life, while Sound of Music fans can take a tour to see the various locations used in the film. If you’re not a planner, the whole town is as pretty as it is idyllic – perfect for a week of meandering.

London Gatwick to Kalamata, Greece

Thought Kalamata was just a delicious type of olive? Well it’s that and more. This summer, BA will be the latest airline to fly to the coastal city, known for being one of the most beautiful in Greece. For nature-lovers, the lush greenery and mountainous frame make for wonderful hikes – climb along Taygetos for a sunny activity holiday. For history buffs, like the rest of Greece, it’s blessed with ruins that make its ancient history come to life. And of course, there’s no beating the fresh, Mediterranean food. With the Messenian Gulf on its doorstep, enjoy freshly-caught fish, glorious salads and high-quality olive oil at its many tavernas.

Edinburgh to Antalya, Turkey

Jet2Holidays are expanding at a rate of knots and this summer sees it add another 12 destinations to its Edinburgh hub, including Zante, Crete, Kefalonia as well as the wonderful Antalya in Turkey. Antalya’s old town is famous for its pleasant parks, atmosphere and architecture that seems specifically designed for Instagram. And while Edinburgh isn’t short of these either, it’s not walled by Hadrian’s Gate, a beautifully preserved structure dating back to 130AD. That’s worth the trip – especially with the ease of this new route.

So whether you choose to head somewhere completely new, or to an old favourite in 2016, whatever your travel plans, we at Flexicover are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.