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Medical repatriation costs soar

The average cost of claims for repatriating holidaymakers taken ill whilst overseas now exceeds £25k, according to new research published in the International Travel Insurance Journal.

Figures supplied by our underwriters, Europ Assistance, in 2009 revealed that an air ambulance from the Canary Islands or Cyprus to the UK can cost around £25k, with an air ambulance from the West Coast of America typically costing around £70-90k. And that doesn't include the medical bills from the hospital!

The research also confirmed that many holidaymakers either don't take out insurance, or don't check if their policy provides enough cover, and as such can find themselves literally stranded without the means or the finances to get home.

In fact, a survey revealed as many as 1 in 5 people travel without any insurance - with 1 in 10 doing so intentionally and the remainder simply forgetting to take out insurance before jetting off.

As a Flexicover Direct policyholder, when travelling abroad you can leave your worries at home. You will receive protection 24 hours a day, with cover for medical expenses and repatriation up to £10,000,000. You can rest safe in the knowledge that should an emergency arise, our experienced multi-lingual assistance team will look after you and your family, and make sure you all get home safely.

Have a safe and pleasant trip!