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Love is in the air!

St. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! For something a little different from the usual round of flowers and chocolates or the stereotypical dash to Paris, Flexicover Team take a look at what happens elsewhere to maybe give you some new ideas this year!


Though celebrating the day has only become popular in Germany over the last few decades, they do flowers, gift baskets and chocolates in abundance. Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city, is an ideal destination for couples with its gorgeous parks and romantic water canals making it a premier romantic destination. Cruise down the River Elbe, enjoy fabulous views and indulge in a spa for a memorable experience!


What better way to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day then in Saint Valentin, a tiny village located in the Indre département deep within the picturesque Loire Valley? Every year, its 300 inhabitants open their doors to romantic pilgrims visiting from around the world. Celebrations are held in a marquee and homes and gardens are decorated with red hearts. Tie the symbol of your love to the ‘Tree of Vows’, get married in the gazebo (known as Lovers Garden) or plant a new tree for the town! This experience is like no other so vive la différence!


In a reversal of the Western culture, Japanese women give gifts to their partners on this day, usually chocolates of one of three types: giri, for superiors and male work colleagues, honmei for someone the woman wants to express her love to and tomo for female friends as a kind gesture. Whilst it is not customary for the gift-giving to be reciprocated on St. Valentine’s Day, the favours are returned a month later on ‘White Day’. Tokyo, in particular, is a fascinating city and would make a great exotic trip away at this special time!


Thanks to its northerly neighbour, Mexico has adopted some Western trappings to its celebration of the Dia de San Valentin, so you’re likely to see lots of chocolates, red roses and plush teddy bears being given as gifts. But there are also some interesting differences, such as sending gifts secretly, similar to winter Secret Santa exchanges. The Mexicans also like to apply their own style to traditions by serenading their paramour beneath their bedroom window, backed up by singers or a mariachi band! Head to Guadalajara, Mexico City or a lovely beach resort for love with a Latin twist!


Italy is considered to be a country of love and lovers, so St. Valentine’s Day gives it an extra bit of oomph! Around this time, the Italians express love for their partners with thoughtful gifts of flowers and dinners out at fine restuarants. Perugina baci (“kisses”) are also the tradition, small chocolate-covered hazelnuts wrapped with notes of romantic poetry! Whether it’s Venice, Verona, Rome or Florence, you’re sure to find a treasure house of romance and have an amazing break away together!

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!