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International festive food!

Central to the Christmas season are family celebrations and food plays a significant part in making them special.

As befits the season, there is a huge variety of local and traditional foods across the globe to entertain the senses, from the divine aromas of cooking to different treats melting sensually on the palate!

The Flexicover Team looks at some of the delicious delights available abroad!


While the French Christmas meal known as réveillon is varied and plentiful, including such luxurious fare as foie gras, oysters, roasted goose and champagne, it’s the dessert that really gets many drooling! The traditional Yule log (bûche de Noël) is a rolled sponge cake, cut and decorated to look like a log, filled with chocolate buttercream, topped with meringue mushrooms, strewn with berries and dusted with powdered sugar (to resemble snow). It’s absolutely delicious and a real treat for all the family!


All over Peru, hot chocolate has become a festive tradition and gatherings called chocolatadas are held during the Christmas period. Various groups will offer hot chocolate, breads and gifts to impoverished children and communities or other needy to spread the seasonal cheer. This special spiced hot chocolate is like no other and you can even try making it at home pretty easily! Just add orange zest, cinnamon sticks, cloves and nutmeg to your hot, milky chocolate for a heavenly festive drink. And oh, don’t forget the whipped cream!


The Romanian Yuletide dinner is a huge affair and usually centres around pork as the main meat of choice. Traditional main dishes include roast gammon, sausages, sarmale (pickled cabbage stuffed with rice and meat) and piftie (a garlic-flavoured pork and gelatine dish similar to brawn). Traditional plum brandy (or slibovita) is also plentiful and is often the spirit of choice! So if you fancy something different to the usual turkey and trimmings this year, rustle up a Romanian recipe for the family!


With December being one of the hottest months of the year in Australia, its no surprise that Christmas ‘Down Under’ is celebrated with barbeques and outdoor parties. It is also very common to serve the meats such as ham, turkey and chicken cold simply because it’s so hot. And after the main course, many will serve up pavlova, a classic Christmas staple that Australians are very fond of. The ‘pav’ (as they call it) is a meringue-based dessert piled high with seasonal fruit and topped by mounds of whipped cream. It’s fairly easy to make at home too, so give this Christmas a fruity lift!


Scandinavians on the whole tend to love their food and drink, so the Swedes find Christmas another very good reason to indulge. The celebrations begin on the 13th of December (St Lucia’s Day; St Lucy, patron saint of the blind, is one of the few saints venerated by Lutherans) with lussekatts, buns flavoured with saffron, cinnamon and dotted with raisins, baked into many traditional shapes, mainly for breakfast. Glögg, a traditional Swedish spiced wine is also very popular during the festive period to help wash down all the rich food. These recipes can be obtained online, so you can even have a go at making your own if it takes your fancy!

If you are staying in this Christmas, trying one or more of these exotic festive dishes will help spread a cheer with your loved ones. If, however, you are lucky enough to go abroad, you may need a helping hand from Flexicover Direct, the travel insurance specialists, committed to providing the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!