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In search of the autumn sun

If you feel the summer has flown by and left you without enough Vitamin D to last you through the winter, fear ye not... It's the perfect time to fly away in search of some UV action (while remaining ‘sun-safe’ of course) - and the good news is that there's no shortage of options.

Whilst it may feel like we are hurtling towards colder days and longer dark nights, there are places nearby with plenty of heat left in the sun late into the year.

Of course further afield, many sun-drenched destinations are coming into their own after their winter, making it the ideal time to take a long haul flight.

To use up the last of the sun tan lotion and squeeze one more use out of our beachwear, here are five places the Flexicover team's thinks are ideal to catch some autumn rays.


With its reputation as a tropical destination, it's impossible to imagine that Mauritius is just coming out of its long, dreary winter as we end our summer. September and October are when this idyllic island returns to its known glory as temperatures rise and visitors are also able to avoid the peak of the peak season. With crystal clear waters and coral reefs to explore you won't want to leave the beach – the good news is that most hotels offer beach villas with direct access to the golden sand, so you won't have to.


Traditionally, July and August are when the Italians leave their hometowns and take extended breaks by the country’s plentiful coast. Combined with the holidays of families across Europe, demand far outstrips supply – which is why there’s much to be said for waiting a few weeks until the rush dies down. In September and October, the temperatures are still in their mid-20s in the southern island of Sardinia, but visitors have more space on their perfect beaches, less wait in their high-quality restaurants, and prices for accommodation and flights reduce too, sometimes by 50%. Attractive to those who’d like to indulge in Italian culture as much as soak up some sun, it’s a canny place for an autumn getaway.


The Canary island of Tenerife is an ever-popular choice for post-summer holidaymakers. It may have initially earned a reputation for a beach’n’booze destination but its range has expanded since. Nowadays, there are luxury boutique retreats for upscale breaks, sailing holidays, and wineries to explore. Meanwhile the reasonable temperature in autumn – around the mid-twenties mark – means hikers have ample opportunity to explore Mount Teide National Park. The mountain’s 3,718m* is scalable in a day trip which traverses through its impressive volcanic terrain and gives on-top-of-the-world views you can’t miss. For those who prefer their holidays on the relaxing side, there’s a cable car option too.

Cape Verde

A more recent addition to the tourist map, Cape Verde, off the coast of West Africa, benefits from consistent temperatures in their high twenties all year around. While September may be its rainiest month, it’s minimal compared to the UK and it certainly hasn’t stopped islanders from organising festivals and events, which make it an even better time to visit. October sees only four days of expected rain, so that’s a strong alternative if timings suit. With a growing range of hotels and plenty of activities – from visiting sand dunes to hiking mountains to turtle-watching – it’s a destination worth serious consideration.


One of the great advantages of catching the sun in autumn is that the sea waters have had all summer to heat up. That particularly benefits the Greek island of Crete, where the Med is a comfortable 23 degrees on average, making it the perfect destination for water babies. As such, activities on the island range from parasailing to diving, all for reasonable prices. Autumn is also the time when the vegetation returns to the island after being kept away by the blistering heat, so it’s appealing to the eyes as much as it is to the taste buds.

Whether you choose to visit any of these enticing destinations or travel somewhere else for some autumn sun, at Flexicover we are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.