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Hunt down a hideaway

If crowded Spanish beaches aren’t really your thing and you’re looking for a new travel experience this year, one that’s slightly out of the ordinary, then perhaps it’s time to seek out a hideaway! There are still plenty of places out there that remain relatively unknown to many people and offer the chance to dive into new and uncharted waters

Head out to experience unfamiliar haunts, overlooked by the majority of tourists, where you can get to know the locals and their cultures brimming with personality and authentic charm. Get ready to explore like the crew from Enid Blyton’s Secret series where islands, mountains and castles always brought a great adventure.

There are some great countries you can escape to, but you may want to get there quick before the word spreads too far!

The Flexicover Team looks at some great places that would be perfect for an April getaway.

The Comoros

Situated off the south-eastern coast of Africa, this small Indian Ocean archipelago is well off the tourist trail but that’s what makes them so special. Similar to Zanzibar, this crossroads nation blends cultures (variously east African, Arabic and French), small country charm and dramatic scenery into a vibrant melange. And each island offers something different into the mix. Explore the wonderful old quarter of the capital, Moroni, with its windy lanes, colourful markets and beautifully carved wooden doors as well as the impressive volcano of Mount Karthala on Grand Comore. Travel by boat to Moheli to see turtles lay eggs on the beach and in Anjouan, venture out to experience beautiful waterfalls and valleys!


Nestled high in the Himalayas between India and China, Bhutan, also known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ has only been open to tourists since 1974. This isolated kingdom, rated the happiest nation in Asia and origin of Gross National Happiness as a key welfare indicator, is a great place to explore; however it must be done in a group and most of this wonderful country is only accessible by foot. People come from far and wide to visit the remote monasteries, temples and to trek the Himalayas. Bhutan offers a great insight into Buddhist culture and its varied landscape boasts untouched beauty and a wealth of biodiversity. Try to visit during a Bhutanese festival for a bonus experience that is bound to fill you with delight and wonder!

Ras al-Khaimah

For those looking for relaxing seclusion with both beaches and great mountain views, head to the Persian Gulf and touch down in Ras al-Khaimah. Part of the United Arab Emirates, it lies within easy reach of its neighbouring emirate of Dubai but has plenty of charm and character of its own. Feel free to relax by the turquoise Gulf waters at a luxury resort or explore the rich history in its ruins, mosques and museums, as the fancy takes you. A raft of leisure activities is available too with golf courses and water parks on offer. Or perhaps go shopping in the old city souks to barter for authentic jewellery and spices before heading to the Bassata Desert Village for a great cultural experience. Here you can enjoy an afternoon of dune bashing followed by a delicious meal and belly dancing too. With great restaurants and plenty for the family, this is a great destination which is gaining popularity!


If adventure is your thing then venture north across the border from Brazil and explore Guyana’s rainforest trail. This former British colony is ideal for unparalleled Amazonian expeditions where you can observe a veritable undiscovered paradise with a wealth of wildlife - spot sloths moving up trees and keep an eye out for jaguars! Enjoy treks, off-road vehicle tours or boat travel through its many magnificent rivers into the depths of verdant forest. Tourist numbers are still low making this a great trip to take and you’ll get warm and friendly local welcomes in the eco-lodges and wilderness camps that are developing. Make sure to experience the breathtaking Kaieteur Falls, the world’s highest single-drop waterfall, and round off an amazing South American holiday.


Tajikistan At the heart of Central Asia lies Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic with a rich history that stretches back thousands of years and an amazing landscape of soaring mountain peaks, lush valleys and mirror-sheen lakes. Whilst you may not find the opulence of Aspen here, ski enthusiasts have plenty of stunning ski spots well worth exploring here. Cyclists and other road-enthusiasts should head east to the Pamir Highway for the rugged thrills of one of the world’s longest switchback roads. Visit ancient Silk Road outposts in Isfara, Istaravshan and Penjikent to soak up the importance and culture of this area. And finish off your trip in the capital, Dushanbe, for traditional choy tea before a wonderful evening at the Anyi Opera and Ballet!

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