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Horsing around

What better way to explore a place than by horse? Well, the outdoor parts of it, at any rate – it’s probably best not to emulate Lady Margot Asquith, Countess of Oxford, who once rode her horse into the parlour of their London townhouse where, having caught sight of its reflection, it skidded on the marble floor, threw its rider and smashed several pieces of furniture! So, maybe leave it outside if you visit any stately homes or museums.

Equestrian holidays, or even just leisurely horse rides, are an ideal way to travel a country, to get a more in-depth appreciation for its environment and, at the same time, participate in an energetic activity. If you’re looking for an adventure, there are some great places to visit. Get on a horse and feel closer to the great outdoors!

The Flexicover Team looks at some fantastic places for horse riding.

Masai Mara, Kenya

Kenya is a fabulous country of breathtaking beauty, from coral beaches to lakes, deserts, forests and even snow-covered volcanic mountains. With this as your backdrop, now imagine riding through the Masai Mara tribelands on a horse and you’ll have an incredible and unique adventure! Gallop alongside zebras, lions and wildebeest for a thrill you sure won’t get from just sitting in a Land Rover. This is a great, dramatic experience if you love nature and wildlife!

Tuscany, Italy

Horse riding in Tuscany is idyllic as the stunning countryside is second to none in Italy and it’s a great way to explore the wondrous valleys and woodlands. See the historic cities of Florence and Siena, marvel at great art treasures and stay in the renovated castle Castello di Tocchi for the perfect break. Don’t worry if you’re a novice, no experience is needed as many places offer tuition and will take it gently. This is a great way to partake of all the local delicacies!

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia boasts some dramatic landscapes with some of the most unusual rock formations, meadows and caves in the world, making it a perfect setting for horse riding. It also offers an interesting slice of history with deep influences from Greek, Roman, Christian and Ottoman cultures. Ride away from the crowds to explore the great valleys and vistas that Cappadocia has on offer! This truly is an amazing experience and would make for an unforgettable trip away.

Emerald Coast, Uruguay

Uruguay is a perfect and under-explored South American destination for riders. Horseback riding and the way of the gaucho is still very much a large part of the culture in this country. Watch out for colourful birds, canter across endless beaches, whilst experiencing a cultural and equestrian adventure. This is a great destination for nature lovers and ecological wanderers and is far less busy and touristy than some of its South American neighbours. Enjoy the different landscapes and terrain, particularly the richness of the Bañados del Este Biosphere Reserve, that this gem of a destination has to offer.

Seville, Spain

Seville, the grand capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain, is a fantastic place to visit, with a rich history stemming from Roman and Moorish occupancy. So whilst basking in the warm weather and culture, why not combine your break with some horse riding through the countryside too! Whether you sit high atop purebred Spanish horses or enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides, it’s a great way to visit places and explore. Try to fit in a visit to Jerez and explore the heritage of fine regional wines and sherries too!

Whatever paths you choose to roam on horseback this year, Flexicover the travel insurance specialists are committed to providing you the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.