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Holiday in Jamaica Go Beyond The Beach

Ocho rios Jamaica

Published: 16 March 2015

Think of a holiday in the Caribbean and you’re bound to think of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and lazy days spent sunbathing with a cool drink in your hand. Chances are you were probably picturing a holiday on one of Jamaica’s many excellent beaches. However, this island nation, to the south of Cuba, has plenty more to offer than just picturesque beaches, famous as they are. Travel inland and you can find some amazing experiences and great things to do in Jamaica. It’s not just the delicious jerk chicken that will have you coming back for more.

Hike up a river:
Travel 60 minutes southwest of the famous Montego Bay, Jamaica to get to the Mayfield River. Here, you can actually hike your way across, dip your feet in the cool, clear water immerse your whole body in spots that are deep enough, for a quick refresher during your hike. The lush tropical forest that thrives around the river creates a beautiful atmosphere making for a truly enjoyable trek.

Go bobsledding:
Imagine hurtling down a steep slope as the rainforest whizzes by. Sounds exciting? It sure is. You can try it at Mystic Mountain near Ocho Rios and feel your adrenaline pumping as your sled picks up speed. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe and makes for a great memory, not to mention a thrilling experience.

Spend a day lagoon rafting:
A trip to Blue Lagoon near Port Antonio is bound to be one of the best Jamaica excursions you will embark on during your time there. This 180-foot deep natural lagoon contains both salt and fresh water and has mesmerising blue hues. This is one of the best spots to take it easy and relax on a bamboo raft and simply float over the lagoon, surrounded by stellar views of the cliffs of Port Antonio. Most rafts come with a guide who will tell you about the place, point out various interesting sights and mostly make sure you float back safely at the end of it all!

Take a leap (of faith):
The Irie Blue Hole near Ochos Rios is one of the main attractions of the area. While the cascading falls are awe-inspiring to say the least, a fun experience you definitely must summon up the courage to try is jumping into the pool (the turquoise blue hole) at the bottom of the falls. Sounds easy enough? Not when you’re doing it from a cliff 27-feet high. Guides will tell you exactly where to jump, so it’s not really dangerous, but we’d recommend investing in Jamaica travel insurance anyway! Jokes apart, it really is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Just make sure someone’s taking a photo of your jump, you’ll want to keep proof.

Which of these fantastic experiences will you try during your Jamaica holiday in 2015?

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