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Heritage Hotspots You Should Visit In Cyprus

Cyprus Heritage sites

Published: 13 August 2015

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and stands to the south of Turkey. While it is geographically a part of Asia, politically it is considered to be a part of Europe. Irrespective of its status, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Cyprus attracts travellers from all over the world with its beautiful beaches, scenic landscape, culture and history. In fact, Cypriot history is so rich, that there are many recognised UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cyprus. These attractions, that you simply must visit when you travel to Cyprus include:

Choirokoitia is the most important Neolithic settlement in Cyprus and one of the most important pre-historic sites in the eastern Mediterranean. It is believed to have played a key role in the transmission of culture from the Near East to Europe. Located in the Larnaka District, about 6 kms from Cyprus’ southern coast, Choirokoitia saw human inhabitation from the 7th to the 4th millennium BC. One of the best parts about this site is that the settlement is almost fully intact and serves as a major source of archaeological findings. A visit to Choirokoitia provides a deeper understanding of human societies and the rich heritage of the island during your holiday in Cyprus.

Painted Churches in Troodos:
The Troodos is a mountainous region in Cyprus and home to one of the largest groups of churches and monasteries of the Byzantine Empire. Here, you can find a complex of ten churches, each beautifully decorated with murals and all of which are part of the World Heritage List. The architecture of these churches is considered to be quite unique and people flock to these Cyprus attractions to admire the stark contrast of indigenous rural architecture and Byzantine and post-Byzantine paintings. The churches are still used for worship and religious practices till date. They are home to a number of dated inscriptions, another feature not commonly found in the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages. The churches do not charge any entrance fee and are some of the most popular places to visit in Cyprus.

Paphos in western Cyprus is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite. No holidays to Cyprus are complete without visiting this fascinating place. Paphos is a vast archaeological area that is home to villas, palaces, theatres, fortresses and tombs and has seen human inhabitation since the Neolithic period. It comprises of Kato Paphos and the village of Kouklia. In Kato Paphos you can find Nea Paphos, also known as the Sacred City of Aphrodite and the famous Tombs of the Kings or the Kato Paphos necropolis. Kouklia houses the Temple of Aphrodite or Aphrodite’s Sanctuary and Palaepaphos or Old Paphos. Paphos is famous for being the centre of the cult of Aphrodite and other fertility deities and one of the places you simply must visit during luxury holidays to Cyprus.

Now that you know where to go in Cyprus during Cyprus package holidays, you can easily plan your family holidays to Cyprus or even a romantic honeymoon in Cyprus.

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