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Great European train journeys

Swap the plane for a train to enjoy scenery that you may have only imagined when you’re up above the cloud cover. Relax and admire the spectacular landscapes that can be experienced aboard a train in Europe!

Choose a comfy window seat or a sleeper; travel in style with your camera at the ready and gourmet food in the dining car! Make this trip the one to cherish!

Here are some trips that come highly recommended.

Vienna, Austria to Venice, Italy: Watch video

The journey from the Austrian capital to Italy’s city of canals is a memorable ride through the Alps with lush mountain scenery. The 7 hours will fly by as you pass breathtaking farmlands, streams and lakes. If you prefer to travel through the night, the air conditioned carriages will allow you to get some rest and arrive fresh in Venice in the morning – you will even get a breakfast croissant and coffee!

Moscow to St Petersburg, Russia: Watch video

This is one of the most popular train routes, going straight from the Russian capital to St Petersburg, renowned for its culture and romance. This is one of Europe’s newest high speed lines, with the journey taking just 5 hours. Enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride and admire the picturesque Russian countryside passing by. If you’re short on time, board the sleeper train to arrive fresh the next morning for a full day of sightseeing!

The Glacier Express, Switzerland: Watch video

Possibly one of the most famous and most spectacular train journeys in the world, this trip from the glamorous holiday village of St Moritz to the famous spa town of Zermatt is simply mesmerising! Travel through the day and, in just over 7 hours, you will pass through landscapes that are the stuff of imagination: snow-covered peaks, Alpine streams and meadows, vineyards and quaint villages! You will pass through 91 tunnels and across 291 bridges - these valleys and gorges are indescribably beautiful!

Lyon to Marseilles, France: Watch video

This journey from the food capital of France on the 200mph high speed TGV line is superb, running down the Rhône valley and over the glorious hills of Provence to terminate at the Mediterranean, skirting the Alpine foothills. The only shame is that it goes so fast – you reach your destination in just 1 hour and 45 mins – so be sure to take lots of photos!

Prague, Czech Republic to Budapest, Hungary: Watch video

Whichever time of the year you choose to travel you will not be left disappointed with the stunning scenery as you discover some of eastern Europe’s less well-known regions. On the way, look out for deer grazing in those beautiful landscapes! With such outstanding nature, the 8 hour journey will fly by. If you have time you could even make a stop in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava.

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!