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Going To Guyana - 3 Great Things to Do

Guyana Travel

Published: 18 June 2015

Guyana, the third-smallest country in South America with Venezuela to its west, Brazil to its south, Suriname to its east, and the Atlantic to its north-east is an often-overlooked destination. But within its borders, it holds a treasure trove of wonderful sights and attractions. If you’re planning to travel to South America, then you should definitely put it on your list of countries to visit. Here are some of the best things to do in Guyana that you must include in your itinerary:

Take in the architecture in Georgetown:
The capital of the country, Georgetown in Guyana is home to some fabulous examples of architecture. The most famous and prominent of these is St. George’s Anglican Church that rises to a staggering 43.5 metres, making it one of the tallest wooden churches in the world. The cathedral is even considered by some to be the largest wooden structure on the planet. Known as the ‘Garden City’, Georgetown’s laidback vibe is further enhanced by the refreshing absence of high rises. The city, that has been a vital centre of Guyana history, is home to archaeological landmarks that display petro-glyphs left behind by ancient tribes. Some of these sites include the Aishalton Petro-glyphs, the Rewa Petro-glyphs and the Kurupukari Petro-glyphs.

Witness the Kaieteur Falls:
The Kaieteur Falls is one of the biggest and most popular waterfalls in the country, the mesmerising sight of which you simply won’t ever be able to forget. Thundering down from about 251 metres to the Potaro River, the Kaieteur Falls in Guyana boasts of a height of five times that of the Niagara Falls. Nestled in the pristine rainforest of the Kaieteur National Park, one of the best ways to view this magnificent waterfall is by plane. There are a number of companies that offer specific waterfall sighting plane rides from Georgetown. So book your seat, hop on and get ready to witness an unforgettable vista.

Revel in nature’s bounty:
Unlike most other South American countries, the wildlife and environment in Guyana has been left more or less undisturbed. As a result, you can get to spot a number of fascinating species during your holidays to Guyana including tapirs, giant river otters and black caimans in the Guyana jungle and even sight macaws and colourful parrots flying overhead in urban areas. Eco-tourism is one of the most popular industries in the country and one site you definitely should visit is Shell Beach. This Guyana beach is one of the last few wild beaches left on Earth and is home to leatherback, hawksbill, green and olive Ridley turtles. If you time your Guyana travel right, you can even witness the fascinating phenomenon of turtle eggs hatching!

While the common perception of the country deems it to be a little unsafe for tourists, a visit to Guyana will lay to rest all those rumours. English is the official language, making communication and exploring Guyana culture quite easy. Georgetown is much safer than people assume and with basic common sense and the assurance of your Guyana travel insurance, you’re bound to have a wonderful time in this hidden paradise.

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