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FCO - Launches new campaign...

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has launched a campaign to clarify its role for travellers abroad.

The FCO's role includes assisting with lost or stolen passports, money transfers, and other support if a British national is a victim of crime or is hospitalised. They can also provide lists of English speaking lawyers, doctors and funeral directors and make arrangements for any Britons caught in terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

"Our embassies are not there to provide weather reports or give advice on unruly children. Consular staff are there to help Britons in real difficulty abroad - from victims of crime and bereaved families to those involved in accidents or who have lost their passports," said Consumer Affairs Minister, Chris Bryant.

The FCO regularly receives requests from travellers asking for help in paying bills or finding lost sunglasses - or one from a woman who asked the consulate in Florida to help her teenage son pack his suitcase and give him a lift to the airport as he was feeling 'under the weather'.

As a Flexicover , policyholder you shouldn't have to contact the FCO because you will benefit from a comprehensive list of covers including medical expenses, cancellation, curtailment, baggage, money and personal liability. In addition, our Personal Assistance Service benefit offers a range of services from arranging for the replacement of lost travel documents and prescriptions to tracing lost luggage and transfer of emergency funds.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!