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Favourites Beaches In Vietnam

Vietnam da nang

Published: 26 March 2015

South-east Asia is filled with some of the best beach holiday destinations in the world. But one that may not pop into your mind straight away when thinking of exotic holidays on the beach is Vietnam. However, with 3,400 km of pristine coastline, the beaches here are nothing short of spectacular. Here are some of our favourite spots for the perfect Vietnam beach holiday:

Non Nuoc Beach:
This is definitely one of the most stunning beaches in the country with a 5 km long strip of white sand and mesmerising blue-green waters. It was even voted as one of the Best Beaches in the World by Forbes Magazine in 2005, so be sure to visit if travelling to Vietnam this year. Stretching all the way to the foot of Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc Beach is famed for the rare species of seaweed found there. For those who love thrill, Non Nuoc boasts excellent surfing conditions too. If you’d rather laze around, the beach is bordered by an old forest of casuarinas that makes for the most perfect napping spot, providing shade from the sun, but still allowing you to enjoy a lovely sea-breeze. Benches along the beach provide an excellent place to sit back and take in an incredible sunset every evening.

Ca Na Beach:
Ca Na Beach is commonly called the ‘Sleeping Princess’ thanks to its majestic beauty. But, that’s not its only nickname. A legend tells of when a king and queen who bathed in its beautiful green waters were so taken by the sheer magic of the beach, they decided to call it Fairy Fish. One visit to this beach to the south of Nha Trang on the south-central coast of Vietnam will easily let you experience the very charm that so enamoured the legendary king and queen. Flanked by the Truong Son Mountains, this 10-km white sand beach makes for a sight you won’t soon forget. So, make sure it’s part of your Vietnam holiday package.

Cua Dai Beach:
When all you want to do is relax on a white sand beach and look at the waves lapping the shore, even as the beautiful turquoise hues of the sea enchants you with her sheer beauty, the sight and surroundings uninterrupted by sun-bathers and over-enthusiastic beach bunnies, then Cua Dai is the place to visit. This beach is very long, starting all the way from the charming town of Hoi An and down the coast to the city of Da Nang. So, there’s plenty of space to choose your own little spot on the beach, away from crowds and enjoy the luxury of personal space while you sun bathe.

Ong Dia Beach:
On the Mui Ne coast, Ong Dia has strong competition from all the other picturesque beaches around. But it makes our favourite list because not only is it a gorgeous beach, but one that is soon set to be South Asia’s hottest beach spot and one you must visit during your Vietnam holidays in 2015. The area is known for its magnificent red and gold sand dunes, and there’s some really great experiences to try such as a jeep ride on the dunes or sledding down them. Brilliant fun! Add a sunset and sea breeze and it’s an experience you’re going to remember for a long time to come.

Enjoying our favourite beach spots is so much easier when you’re safe from worry. Invest in Vietnam travel insurance and you’re bound to have a wonderful time during your Vietnam escape.

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