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Experience the exciting festivals of Europe this year end

Europe festivals

Published: 13 November 2014

Europe consists of so many wonderful countries, each with their own unique flare, culture and heritage and each hosting a number of different festivals throughout the year. The themes of each festival are different and some attract thousands of visitors from all around the world.

Here are some exciting festivals around Europe this year end that we recommend if you are travelling!

Burning the Clock

Whilst this carnival like celebration isn’t as well-known as many others, it is indeed rather popular amongst the locals who gather together to make paper and willow lanterns to mark the end of the year. Celebrated annually in Brighton, UK on the 21st of December, this winter solstice festival sees the local community carry the lanterns through the city centre to the famous sea front where there is a spectacular lantern bonfire and an impressive firework display. Put on by SameSky, Brighton’s community art charity, this is a free event that brings the whole city together. Being a spectator here is a wonderful experience!

International White Truffle of Alba Fair

This iconic food festival is dedicated to the white truffle found in Alba, Scotland. Apart from being one of the most popular European festivals, visitors from all around the world make it a point to attend this festival at least once in their lifetime. Visitors have a chance to see the exhibition that is dedicated to this gourmet, much sought after delicacy. For your chance to experience a variety of cuisines and fabulous wines this is a great festival! Participate in cooking workshops and create your own recipes using truffles to take home!

Go on a truffle hunt

Truffles in Europe are one of the most sought after and often the most expensive gourmet delicacy in the world. Considered to be a connoisseur’s delight and highly prized, truffles have also been called ‘the diamond of the kitchen.’ Although the black truffle grows all year round, the white truffle is only found during the autumn and winter months. In selected regions of Italy, France and Croatia, you can take part in a truffle hunt tour, where an experienced guide will show you the best way to find them, cook them and best enjoy them. A real treat and a great activity for foodies!

Iceland Airwaves

This popular, annual music festival held in Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik lasts for over 5 days and showcases new local and international music. Known for its intimacy and party spirit, this music festival is fondly known as the “the hippest long weekend on the annual music festival calendar”. If you are a music lover, do make this place a part of your holidays in Europe, you are sure to have a rocking time!

Snow and Ice sculpture festivals

If you want to see ice sculptures like never before, head to Bruges in Belgium. This is an incredibly mesmerizing festival in Europe where dozens of professionals convert over 330 tons of ice and 400 tons of snow into the most amazing ice sculptures. Each winter there are new themes and this year Bruges takes on its own interpretation of The Land of the Hobs. Visitors will be taken into the mythology of dwarves, elves, fairies, magicians and much more. Fun for the young and the old, these majestic works of art are an absolute must see! This is a great festival in Europe.

Europe boasts so many wonderful festivals. Whichever one you are lucky enough to visit and take part in, remember to take your Flexicover Travel insurance with you!

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