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Don't wait - register with LOCATE!

For British nationals travelling or living abroad, the LOCATE service recently introduced by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office ("FCO") can be a secure way to ensure that you are not forgotten in a crisis whilst away.

How it works

It's simple to register, please click here and provide some basic details about your trip e.g. where you're going, duration of trip etc.

It only takes a few minutes to register online and obtain your unique reference - and it's FREE .

If a major catastrophe occurs, the FCO can contact you to provide important advice.

If family and friends need to get in touch, the FCO can help them to find you. You only need to register for the service once; then update your account when you make a new trip abroad or change your country of residence. You can even add planned trips abroad up to a year ahead.

LOCATE improves the ability to provide help in an emergency (such as a tsunami or a terrorist attack) and reduce delay and worry in times of stress for family and friends at home.

LOCATE may prove to be a lifesaver for some. However, registering with LOCATE is just one box to tick when travelling; arranging your travel insurance is another!

Insuring with Flexicover Direct, you will not only have a 24hr emergency assistance team ready to help but also have full protection for a number of travel-related risks including medical and repatriation cover following an injury or sudden illness abroad, cover for trip cancellation and loss or damage to your baggage.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!