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Discover popular autumn getaways in Europe

Autumn getaways

Published: 16 November 2014

Autumn in Europe is a wonderful time and a great season to travel in. Greeted by a burst of colour from the local flora, you will find most trees turning into vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red and brown as local flowers like the zinnia and salvia burst into bloom. The crisp autumn air becomes cooler during the evening, making this an ideal season for that perfect pre-Christmas vacation.

Travel abroad and experience some of the best destinations that bring the joys of this season to the forefront. If you are in the mood for some adventure, we have some fantastic destinations that are well worth a visit for that perfect autumn getaway.

The region of Tuscany is a popular place to include on your list. Due to its pleasant climate and relatively well drawn out tourist season, this destination makes for a perfect getaway. And if you are lucky, in this season you can also experience the highly anticipated wine harvest which is a widespread ritual observed across the country. The traditional “La Vendemmia”, a popular celebration here, is a heart-warming ritual that will touch even the most jaded of traveller.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for spectacular views by the seaside, Santorini in Greece is the perfect place for you. With its warm temperatures and magnificent backdrops replete with pristine blue, your views cannot get any better!

The Canary Islands of Spain are another great option especially for those looking for good weather combined with some action. Take a stroll along the steep gorges, the hillside villages as well as the banana tree valleys or hike up the sand dunes and local peaks of the region. Food fanatics will be in heaven and can indulge in an array of lobsters and fresh fish.

You can reach all of these destinations from most local airports and be there in a morning making that trip or long weekend date something to put on the calendar before the year is out.

So don’t wait for the autumn season to pass you by; put on your explorer’s attire and start discovering Europe!

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