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Discover Asia’s most overlooked destinations today!

Discover Asia

Published: 05 January 2015

The continent of Asia is incredibly vast and boasts a number of fascinating countries, cultures and communities all with so much to offer. From fascinating farming villages to futuristic cityscapes, Asia is diverse, vibrant and makes for an amazing adventure.

The Flexicover team look at some of Asia’s overlooked destinations that would make a trip of a lifetime!

  • Tibet

  • Located in a plateau region in Asia, the highest region on earth, north-east of the Himalays in China, Tibet is breath-taking. A land of great beauty with glittering peaks, vast landscapes, densely forested gorges, turquoise rivers and brilliant skies, visiting Tibet is a lifetime experience. Its endless plateaus leading to the majestic mountains will seem like a walk in heaven’ lands especially with the mountain light. If you love nature, be sure to visit the Tibetan plateau of Hoh Xil which supports up to 21 endangered wildlife species, including the Tibetan antelope, the wild yak, and the Tibetan wild donkey. A must if in Asia this year!

  • Macau

  • Located 65km west of Hong Kong, and also known as the ‘Vegas of the East,’ Macau is no ordinary city. With a blend of fortresses, churches and remnants of the former Portuguese colonial rule along with customs, alleys and religious structures of its iconic Chinese heritage, Macau is a wonderful place to visit. Also famously known for its casino culture and the only place in China where gambling is legal, visitors travel here from all around the world to try their luck. Aside from the casino boom, the antiquated city of Rua da Tercena remains an overlooked part of country. This town is a time capsule of the country’s past with its authentic craftsmen selling wares on the streets along with different street food stalls located nearby.

  • Mongolia

  • Known for its rugged landscape, Mongolia is a perfect destination if you are looking for adventure. Travel and hike along these lands and you will spot the hardy nomads who still follow the traditions of the past as they dwell on the vast steppes and deserts. Be at one with nature and round up the herded animals or spend a night in a traditional felt yurt. For the best experience, travel to the Terelj National Park which offers a glimpse into nomadic Mongolian life. A truly wonderful experience.

    Travel to these destinations is sometimes overlooked, but each one has so much to offer and no doubt you will have a wonderful trip. Wherever you are lucky enough to visit, remember to take your Flexicover Travel Insurance with you!

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