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Culture capitals – Europe

Culture capitals

Published: 02 December 2014

Europe is full of wonderful, culturally rich countries that are filled with remnants of ancient civilizations, great attractions and historical marvels. With so many cultural capitals to visit, the Flexicover Team look at 4 great ones that you may want to visit in 2015.

Consider these fabulous destinations this December:

Athens, Greece

Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece attracts visitors locally as well as from all around the world. The city is rich in culture and boasts a history that has evolved over thousands of years; influencing its neighbours along the way. Athens is beautiful and its iconic Greek architecture on many of its structures, including the Greek Orthodox churches and other intellectual centres in this city are still very prominent today. Popular attractions include the Parthenon; constructed in 447 BC and the Temple of Hephaestus or Hephaisteion; a tribute to ancient Greek culture from the 7th century. This is a great city to visit if you’re looking for a cultural European break.

Rome, Italy

With a city like Rome in its country, Italy has some of the best culture rich destinations within its boundaries. Due to its success as the capital of the Roman Empire and the Christian religion, its attractions like the Colosseum and St. Pete’s Basilica have contributed to the rich culture of Europe. Even the Leaning tower of Pisa was widely influenced by the ancient architectural influences. It has several more destination and attractions, all influenced by its rich history and culture, making it one of the ideal European destinations for a cultural trip.

Paris, France

France is always an extremely popular country to visit for visitors from all over the world and makes for a great, culturally rich break away. Whist the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame are popular in the Paris ‘to do’ lists, the Palace of Versailles, Sainte Chapelle and Catacombs of Paris are also great attractions. With a rich history that has influenced and been influenced by major cultures in Europe, you are sure to have a great time in Paris.

Berlin, Germany

Whilst Berlin, the capital of Germany may have had a colourful past, it has a vibrant culture, tangible history, cutting-edge architecture and fabulous food! The iconic Berlin Wall is a main attraction of this city and although little remains of the barrier between East and West, it stands as a symbolic representation for its repression. Other attractions include the Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin Cathedral and the Brandenburg Gate. With so much to do, this is a great city to visit for a weekend break.

Add these great cultural capitals to your 2015 travel list and explore a new destination next year. And remember to book your Flexicover travel insurance before you go!

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