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Cultural Festivals You Should Attend In Valletta-Malta

Malta Festivals

Published: 09 April 2015

Holidays to Malta, south of Sicily in Italy, are some of the best short breaks in Europe you can plan. While Malta attractions such as its pre-historic temples, fossil studded cliffs, picturesque coves and great dive sites draw a lot of travellers to the destination, its thriving cultural festivals provide some truly exceptional experiences. Generally held within or centred around the country’s capital of Valletta, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these festivals form some of the highlights of short getaways to the beautiful locales of Malta.

Malta Jazz Festival (July 19 -21, 2015):
Held in the historic location of Ta’ Liesse wharf in the Great Harbour of Valletta, this international festival has been organised every year since 1990. Lasting for three days, the festival attracts jazz greats and top musicians from all over the world. Treat your ears to a wonderful mix of jazz styles, even as brilliant local artists and stars and greats from the international jazz scene partake in a musical exchange that is simply marvellous to witness. Not a big fan of jazz? The magnificent surroundings of the Great Harbour of Valletta mixed with mellow strains of music wafting towards you under a gorgeous Maltese sky makes for a beautiful evening and an experience of your Malta 2015 holidays you won’t soon forget.

Malta Arts Festival (June 28 –July 12, 2015)
Some claim that the Malta Arts Festival is one of the main events in the country’s cultural calendar. While not many would question that, one thing’s for sure, while planning any short breaks to Malta, you must try and schedule your trip so you get a chance to attend this wonderful festival. Held in Valletta, it showcases a diverse array of art from theatre to music and dance performances. Renowned for its collaborative endeavours between Maltese and international artists, the festival boasts a myriad of workshops and specially-commissioned works as well. Some of the presentations and performances are even free of charge and the festival’s events are held in various venues including the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the MITP Theatre and the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity.

Malta Carnival (February 13-18, 2015):
Come spring and Malta flaunts its colourful side with the Malta carnival. The carnival celebrations last all weekend and Valletta is the centre of festivities with amazing dance and costume competitions. People dress up in brilliant costumes and grotesque masks and join the grand parade of triumph floats and bands, with everyone dancing all the way. While celebrations take place all over the country, the best parties are held in the capital and there are even Malta package holidays designed just around this spectacular experience.

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