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Carry on saving... even after booking!

You've booked your holiday and you can now relax. But there are many more decisions yet to be made. Getting to the airport (and back!), buying foreign currency, transfers to resorts to name but three that need attending to. With some care and a little planning, you can save a tidy sum.

Here are a few hints...

Pre-book airport parking: Book ahead and secure the best deal for airport parking - advanced bookings are usually cheaper. Also check prices for 'off-site' parking which may be 10 minutes from the airport with free shuttle transfers to/from the airport - the internet is a great place to research these.

Reduce baggage fees: The rise and rise of the 'no frills' airlines has led to charges for services we used to take for granted. Some airlines charge a fee for each piece of luggage, leading to many getting stung on check-in at the airport. Check your airline's rules; you may even be able to get a reduction if you pay in advance. Travel as light as possible, remember extra baggage can be charged per kilo! Look at the rules for carry-on baggage as airlines will differ in their approach.

Currency: Shop around for the best currency exchange rates. Pre-ordering your currency online or buying it on the high street can be cheaper than at the airport where the exchange rates are often lower and service fees higher!

Debit/Credit cards: Know the charges that your bank will levy before you use your credit or debit cards overseas. Avoid having to change your money into different currencies if you can, as you can lose up to 5% in value every time you convert from one currency to another.

Mobile phones: Establish the best way to keep roaming charges down. It will cost a lot more to make and receive calls as well as for voice messages, SMS and Internet usage on your mobile. Consider buying a local calling card at your destination or even an international SIM card you could save a small fortune!

Airport transfers: Check if you can take a local shuttle from your destination airport to your accommodation as private taxis can be expensive. Using Google Maps and Google Earth to map out your journey beforehand can make life a lot easier!

EHIC: A European Health Insurance Card, if travelling within the EU or to certain other European countries, is free and easy to procure. Remember though, the EHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance; however, most insurers will waive the excess if you use the EHIC to reduce the cost of a medical claim. To find out more and register click here.

Annual multi trip travel insurance: If you are travelling more than once a year, you may be better off with an annual multi trip policy. If your holiday plans include a winter sports break and/or trips outside of Europe, the savings can be even greater.

Wherever you decide to travel, always ensure you and your party are fully covered by a reputable travel insurer. Flexicover Direct the travel insurance specialist, is committed to providing the highest level of service to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!