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Bizarre travel insurance claims

The life of a travel insurance claims handler may, at first glance, appear to be pretty mundane. But sometimes strange things befall people to make their work just that little bit more interesting!

When it comes to a romantic trip the destinations that immediately spring to mind for most are Paris, Rome or Venice.

The Flexicover Team have located a few claims stories for you to ponder over…

Losing your wallet can sting
A British holidaymaker dropped his wallet down a drain in Natanya, Israel, resulting in an insurance claim. However, this wasn’t for his lost cash, as you might expect. While reaching down to retrieve the valuable item, he was unexpectedly stung by a poisonous scorpion! Having been rushed to hospital, his travel insurers paid out to cover the cost of hospital treatment instead.

Now you see ‘em, now you don’t
Whilst walking along the street in Greece, a man walked straight into a glass-panelled bus shelter and broke his nose. Rather than see an optician, he was honest enough to admit that the accident happened because he’d been distracted by a group of girls in bikinis! His travel insurer settled his hospital bills.

Manchester or bust!
A holidaymaker was refused entry to a plane at Manchester Airport, but when he put in his claim it emerged that he had actually booked a flight from Manchester in New Hampshire, USA!

No bull!
A British backpacker was chased down the street by an angry bull in Kerala, southern India and ended up requiring hospital treatment totalling £2,800. It was unclear from the claim whether the bull was provoked. But his travel insurer nevertheless settled his medical claim!

The ‘Isaac Newton’ claim
A peaceful time spent reading under a palm tree was interrupted when a large, ripe coconut landed squarely on this lady’s head. Hardly surprising then that she was knocked out cold and had to be treated for concussion! Fresh coconuts weigh roughly 2 kilos, the trees grow up to 30 metres and the coconut would have been travelling at 53mph when it hit the poor woman on the head. Her insurer settled the £400 medical bill considering the gravity of the situation.

Delayed/Missed departure!
Being delayed on the way to the airport with a frantic rush to the departure gate happens to all of us from time to time. But one family that turned up late for their flight had no such panic as their plane had actually departed the previous MONTH!

A ‘flaming’ good wedding
The fairytale wedding day for a British couple on a West Indian beach went up in smoke after the bride’s dress caught fire from a coal briquette that fell from the barbeque. The quick-thinking groom picked up his now blazing bride, ran along the beach and unceremoniously tossed her into the ocean! Thankfully the couples’ insurance payout went some way towards compensating for the resultant blushes.

A spicy claim
It is all too easy to lose your sunglasses, or even your passport on holiday. Less easy, you might think to misplace 340 large bags of Bombay mix! Yet one holidaymaker claimed £300-worth of lost spicy snack whilst on holiday. On the basis that a bag of Bombay mix weighed 250g, the misplaced mix would have weighed in at around the 85kg mark – more than 4 times an airline’s baggage limit! Needless to say, the insurers turned down the claim.

Minty fresh
Whilst relaxing on a park bench in Rome, a tourist took his bag from his shoulder and placed it on the bench beside him before taking an impromptu nap. When he awoke he found that his bag had gone AWOL. However, it wasn't due to carelessness that his claim got rejected, it was more to do with the fact that he was only claiming for the contents of his bag - a packet of mints, a bottle of mineral water and a newspaper! The £2 claim was well below his policy excess.

The world is your oyster…
Finally, according to a long-standing insurance underwriter, more Rolex Oyster watches have been claimed as lost on Spain’s Costa del Sol than have ever been manufactured!

Wherever you do decide to travel, do remember the security a helping hand can bring, in the event of a mishap, be it a falling coconut, a stinging scorpion or a raging bull! Flexicover Direct, the travel insurance specialist, is committed to providing the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure for most eventualities, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!

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