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Bitten by the travel bug

Meeting new people. Getting to study historic places and significant events up close and personal. Brand new experiences to exhilarate all the senses. Adventures, both cultural and physical. The reasons for travelling are many and varied, so it’s easy to see why so many people have such a passion for it that as soon as one trip is done, they’re hankering for another.

After all, what could be better than seeing new sights, feeling different sands of cobbles beneath your feet or tasting new cuisines several times a year? Do you scour the blogs and travel sites and sigh with longing? Or perhaps you’re checking frequent flyer programmes to see which ones offer the best rewards.

The Flexicover Team looks at some signs that may just mean you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and come down with a fun case of wanderlust!

Itchy feet for that next adventure?

If the more you travel, the more you want to keep doing so, then that’s a good indicator that you were meant to roam! You’re probably planning your next trip as soon as you get back from one. Whether it’s a city break or a faraway destination, you just can’t wait to get back out there. And with the economy as it is, many travel companies are offering a range of deals. Be on the lookout and set up price alerts online to grab yourself a bargain. Some airlines and hotels, too, have seasonal sales if you go direct, so take advantage of free nights and similar bargains if you can.

Is your To See list ‘The World’?

Do you have that ideal wish list of all the places you want to travel to? For some people it isn’t so much a compilation as the desire to just go anywhere and everywhere! Whether it’s climbing Kilimanjaro or visiting the Great Wall of China, if it’s out there then they want to see it. To make things easier, and avoid indecision paralysis, make a wish list for 2015 and split it by time to destination to see what’s actually achievable and when they can be squeezed in. For example, if you plan shorter weekend breaks to work around Bank Holiday weekends, you probably won’t need to take (much) time off work either. Leaving your actual holiday time to jet off somewhere further afield!

Friends in foreign countries?

Another sign of truly international folk is when you’ve made friends all over the world during your adventures, giving you that ready ‘excuse’ to go visit them again! Make the most of it and head out as often as you can. Not only is it a great way to keep costs down too (if you can stay with them) but it’s also the best way to really experience a new place. As a resident they’re probably party to local knowledge, can offer you a less touristic, more authentic holiday and help smooth over any language barriers. Eat, drink and explore as they do and your experiences are bound to be better than if travelling solo.

Is your most treasured possession your passport?

If your passport is that one thing that you would save from a burning building, there’s a good chance you’ve been bitten. Not only is it your gateway to the next adventure but, for ardent travellers, it contains a grand repository of great memories in its stamps and visas. Continue to build on that for 2015 by finding new places to get it stamped. If you’re heading outside of Europe, remember to check if your destination requires you to have a visa or some other authorisation (such as the American ESTA) before you travel, particularly as situations may change between visits (e.g. Sri Lanka now requires UK citizens to apply online for a short stay visa).

Is your screensaver an exotic island?

Many of us will have gorgeous images of sun, sea and sand destinations on our desktop screensavers at home and/or work. If you are dreaming of that perfect getaway, make it happen in 2015. There are some wonderful island escapes to be had, for you to indulge in that dream of perfect relaxation… before heading on to the next one! In Europe, Corsica, Sicily or Malta come highly recommended and if you want to head further afield then Sarawak (Indonesia), Bora Bora (French Polynesia) or Koh Samui (Thailand) should pique your interest. Or perhaps it’s a ‘hidden gem’ you’re after. If so, try Skopelos (Greece and location for the film Mamma Mia!), Con Dao (Vietnam) or Jicaro (Nicaragua) for an extra treat.

Wherever your travels take you and whichever destinations you choose to visit, we at Flexicover are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

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