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Bella Italia!

It comes as no surprise that Skyscanner, the flight comparison site, found Italy to be the 3rd most visited destination for Brits after Spain and the USA.

Italy has fine food, cities, towns and villages ranging from the quaint to the majestic, grand natural scenery in abundance, fashion, flair and a fabulous climate! What else could you ask for?

With more World Heritage sites than any other country, exploring Italy this summer is sure to leave you enchanted.

Here are some of Flexicover’s pointers for an interesting trip:

Smaller towns and cities
If you’ve already visited some of the larger, popular cities such as Rome and Venice, consider seeing a smaller town or city.

Parma is home to one of the world’s oldest universities and famous for its ham (prosciutto) and cheese (parmigiano Reggiano). This city in northern Italy thrives with its art, architecture and elegance. Medieval churches, museums, cathedrals and theatres will keep you enthralled, along with some superb cuisine.

Matera is an unforgettable town in the Basilicata region of southern Italy, famed for the ‘sassi’ or cave dwelling districts. Walk along the cave-filled cliffs and wander through its narrow lanes. Its monasteries, museums and canyons steeped in history will transport you to another world. The beauty of this town provided the backdrop for Mel Gibson’s movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’.

Upcoming events
Strawberry Festival, Nemi (June 12th 2011)
Love strawberries? Nemi is one place where they grow all year round. And each June, they dedicate a specific day to this very berry! Enjoy the street parades, performances, dancing, music and, of course, the strawberries (with champagne if you wish) to your heart’s content! Don’t miss the fabulous firework show over Nemi Lake!

Ferrara Hot-Air Balloon Festival, Ferrara (September 2011)
This annual festival is famed for bringing together teams from across Italy and other parts of the world. The hot air balloons make a great show and everyone enjoys the lively food stalls too!

Fine cuisine
Italian food is popular all over the world - pizza, pasta, wine, salami, cheese, tiramisu, there is something for everyone – enjoy the fresh flavours of Italian cooking! And if you can, try pizza in Naples – the hometown of the modern form – simply sublime!

Best lakes
Lake Como , the most popular lake in Italy and always romantic, is a joy to visit all year round! It’s popular for water activities, boat trips and photography. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, visit the Moto Guzzi motorcycle museum.

Lake Garda the largest lake in Italy, is beauty at its best. Go boating, swim in its clear waters or visit the amusement and recreational parks nearby – great for family fun!

Italy breathes culture and history, with interesting monuments and architecture galore, so pinpointing the best is never easy. Nevertheless, try these:

Milan Cathedral One of the world’s largest cathedrals, the Duomo of Milan has exquisite gothic architecture and is simply stunning.

Colosseum, Rome For historic architecture, this elliptical amphitheatre is quite possibly one of the most impressive buildings of the Roman Empire!

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!