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Backpacking tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Backpacking Tips

Published: 23 December 2014

Backpacking has become increasingly popular and is a great, cost effective way to travel around Europe and see as many places as possible. But before you pack your bags and put on your walking boots, check out some of Flexicover’s essential backpacking tips!

We look at some interesting Do’s and Don’ts that you may want to remember!


Get your documents in order: Whether you are a backpacking beginner or an experienced traveller it’s a great idea to have all your documents in order before you leave. Ensure your passport is valid and that you have applied for all necessary visas well in advance. When travelling through a number of countries, organisation is key so having all your hotel and flight bookings printed will also help.

Pack light: Many backpackers swear by the crucial rule of “less is more”. For those of you who want to take everything and more, you will probably regret it whilst away when lugging around the extra weight. Leave your heavy sweaters and jeans at home and pack lighter layers. Remember, there will be so many opportunities for shopping whilst away too!

Save money: The whole idea of backpacking is to travel in a cost effective way. Ensure you have a strict expenditure schedule (that you stick to) so you stay within your budget and don’t run out of money too soon. Avoid splurging on expensive hotels and opt for friendly youth hostels where you can meet lots of people too. Look for deals like discounted travel passes and tickets for attractions.


Forget to inform your close friends or family: Whether you are travelling with friends or going solo, inform your close family and friends of your itinerary. Leave hotel and flight information with them so in case of an emergency they know how and where to contact you.

Lose your guard: Looters and pickpockets all over the world are likely to target tourists and travellers. They are quick and smart and sometimes, you may not even know until much later. Travel smart by keeping your cash away from your back pocket and always keep a look out and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid travelling alone late at night too.

Forget travel insurance: Travel Insurance provides peace of mind in difficult circumstances. Having something to fall back on whilst travelling in foreign countries is so important. Flexicover offer a specific Gap Year policy for those between the ages of 16-45 and can cover trips up to 18 months. For more information click here Flexicover Gap Year Travel in knowledge that Flexicover are committed to providing protection to ensure you are safe and secure 247.

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