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Backpacking on a budget

Travelling the world on a limited budget can be quite an adventure. If you’re willing to forego the best of creature comforts, backpacking holidays can be easier on the pocket and filled with the kinds of experiences you may never encounter as a regular traveller.

So how do you tell if you are a true backpacker at heart? If you’re the sort of person happy to pick up their life and carry it around, save on accommodation by spending a night at the airport or train station or always factor a ‘visa run’ into your itinerary, then maybe this is for you.

Backpacking travel has become so popular that there are even specific groups you can join or tours to opt for. Plus it’s not unusual to meet up or travel again with folks you met on a previous foray. One of the most important factors though is of course selecting the right destination. There are lots of cheap backpacking destinations to choose from, but make sure they can offer the kind of adventure you’re looking for.

The Flexicover Team lists some of the best places to go backpacking around the world.


A medley of eastern and western culture thrives in this beautiful land, full of picturesque landscapes, wonderful monuments and delicious food. Istanbul, the country’s commercial capital, has a unique charm that you can enjoy even on a tight budget. While you’ll definitely want to visit the Hagia Sophia, Old Town, Topkapi Palace and Suleymaniye Mosque, you also shouldn’t miss out on a curative bath in a traditional Turkish hammam. Another exceptional place to visit is the Grand Bazaar, a food market that houses over 4000 stores and is one of world’s most renowned. Wander these mercantile paths sampling delightful Turkish street food and sweetmeats whilst searching out that ideal present for those back home.

Costa Rica

If getting close to nature is your idea of the ideal backpacking trip, then you’ll love this Central American nation. Blessed with beautiful beaches, volcanoes, wildlife parks, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and a fabulously rich biodiversity, this country is a nature-lover’s paradise. The Palo Verde and Corcovado National Parks offer great trekking as well as animal and bird-sighting opportunities. Plus you can eat well and heartily for cheap at many local establishments. And when you’re not busy enjoying mesmerising views or off having an adventure in the jungles, you can soak up the vibrant Latin culture and get to know some of the locals – an essential part of the backpacking experience!


Every region of this subcontinent has something different to offer from magnificent mountains to breathtaking beaches, dense forests to glorious deserts, buzzing cities, quaint villages, soaring religious structures and historical monuments galore. And on top of this there are some amazing adventure sports destinations combined with a warm, hospitable people. There’s just so much to do and see here, plenty of which is possible relatively inexpensively. India is quite an easy country to backpack around, if you don’t mind the crowds, and you can find hostels and fellow backpackers at most of the popular spots. Head east for a land of stunning contrasts and you won’t be disappointed at all.


All the beauty of the Mediterranean and at a fraction of the cost! Albania is often seen as the poor man’s alternative to Italy and Greece, but the truth is that this country is quite a stunning travel destination. Despite its relatively short history (independent as a modern state only since 1912), it has a rich cultural heritage, a wealth of fortresses and castles and, of course, some very beautiful beaches along the Albanian Riviera. Enjoy the outdoors with a hike up Mount Dajti, soak up the sunshine on Jala beach, camp out under the stars on Dhermi beach, or simply take in stunning views in the Albanian Alps. For more urban adventures, the capital of Tirana and Berat (‘the City of 1001 Widows’) make for great explorations.


Fantastic beaches, legendary nightlife, a rich Thai culture that permeates every aspect of living and practical affordability are what draw so many backpackers from across the world to this south-east Asian country. Quite apart from the wonderful tropical islands, party scene and delicious street food, the rural interiors of the country truly allow you to escape the trappings of the modern world, get to know its warm people and experience first-hand, an authentic Thai way of life. Its capital Bangkok, while famous for its incredible shopping and the Grand Palace is also home to beautiful Buddhist temples (wats) such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and Wat Saket amongst others.

Whether you decide to follow this backpacker’s guide to some of the best destinations and visit one country at a time or take a year off and go travelling the world on a budget, we at Flexicover Direct, are committed to providing you the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.