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Autumn activities in Europe

Autumn activities

Published: 14 November 2014

Autumn in Europe is wonderful. The weather is cooler, the colours are majestic and the atmosphere is vibrant. You have an opportunity to really learn about the local culture and heritage of the place you’re visiting, try new cuisines and take away some life long memories.

If you are looking for inspiration for some autumn activities in Europe, our team have some great ideas:

Skip the line during tours

Usually for all the main tourist hotspots and key attractions such as the Colosseum in Rome or Eiffel Tower in Paris, long queues are inevitable and can often take hours. One way round this is to book an exclusive tour with an experienced guide. This will often result in a queue jump as well as provide you with useful and interesting information about the attraction.

Explore the lands of Tuscan

Visiting the Tuscan region during autumn is an ideal opportunity to enjoy some sunshine and soak up the local flavour. The countryside; abundant with gorgeous vineyards, makes for an ideal opportunity to taste the locally brewed wines or watch the olive press in full swing. If you book a guided tour, you may be lucky enough to participate in these activities yourself!

Go on a truffle hunt

Truffles in Europe are one of the most sought after and often the most expensive gourmet delicacy in the world. Considered to be a connoisseur’s delight and highly prized, truffles have also been called ‘the diamond of the kitchen.’ Although the black truffle grows all year round, the white truffle is only found during the autumn and winter months. In selected regions of Italy, France and Croatia, you can take part in a truffle hunt tour, where an experienced guide will show you the best way to find them, cook them and best enjoy them. A real treat and a great activity for foodies!

Get an exceptional view of London

London is great to visit all year round but there is something truly magical about this city in autumn. The city’s parks and streets are filled with orange and yellow leaves and the air is crisp and fresh. For a multi-coloured view of the city, we recommend the view from the London Eye! This Ferris wheel will take you on a journey of great heights, providing you with an opportunity to view the breath taking skyline of London. This should be top of your list!

There are so many wonderful activities you can do in Europe this autumn. Whether you are travelling for a week or just a few days, it’s a great season to enjoy before the real cold weather sets in! Have a wonderful break and remember to take your Flexicover travel insurance with you!

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