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What does automatic cancellation rights mean?

After you buy a travel insurance policy, you will have an opportunity in which to review your policy and ensure that it matches your requirements. If your review reveals that the travel insurance policy being bought will not lend the expected support, you have the legal right to cancel the same, within a period of 14 days.

This “cooling-off period” begins when you receive your policy documents or when the policy itself is in effect. Thus, the legal right to cancel your travel insurance is known as Cooling off Period. After exercising this right, you can be assured of a full or partial refund on the premium paid, according to company policy. While asking for your travel insurance quotes, it is thus essential to read up on the policy of the company itself, as well as the nuances of the insurance coverage being purchased.

When can you avail these rights?

When you buy your travel insurance policy, you are automatically allowed 14 days as a “cooling-off period”. This period allows you to study the exact scope of coverage, and cancel the same if it does not meet with your approval. However, it should be noted that this period cannot be extended under select circumstances such as:

If you travel using the policy coverage.

If you make any claims against this policy or intend to make a claim.

Travellers, along with this time-frame allocation, also have an additional right. During this period, you can ask for amendments to be made to the policy documents without any charges. Taking all this into consideration, it is advisable to use your time wisely and review your travel insurance policy documents thoroughly.

What should you do if you are late?

You can always make cancellations after this period. However, you will not receive any premium refund on the same.

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