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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Short city breaks to take in the culture, beach holidays to spend quality time with the family, winter sun trips to escape the cold or raising adrenaline levels by hitting the piste; whatever your reason for your break from the norm the one thing you want to ensure you don’t leave home without is travel insurance.

If you travel multiple times during the year then an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy is ideal. With one of Flexicover’s annual policies you’re covered for all your trips made during a one-year period (up to 50 days length for each trip), as long as each trip starts and ends in the UK. Plus, if you take out a couple or family policy the good news is that everyone is automatically covered to travel independently.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Key Benefits

  • - Unlimited travel for an entire year
  • - Available up to age 85
  • - Independent travel at no extra cost
  • - FREE cover for over 120 sporting activities
  • - Considerations for all medical conditions
  • - Cover for emergency medical treatment (up to £10m)
  • - Four levels of cover to choose from

How Does My Destination Affect My Travel Insurance Policy?

To make things as easy as possible, instead of asking you to take out travel insurance for a specific country, we offer travel insurance by region. We have four areas of travel that cover everywhere in the world! Although please be aware that we cannot offer travel insurance for countries that the FCO has explicitly advised against travelling to, so make sure that you have checked the website before choosing to travel anywhere.

Our four areas of travel are as follows:

- UK
- Europe (excludes Morocco, Tunisia & Egypt)
- Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada & the Caribbean)
- Worldwide (including USA, Canada & the Caribbean)

The region you pick is dependent on where you are travelling to and if you are travelling to multiple locations then pick the region that covers all the countries you are travelling to. For example if you are flying to Spain and then to Thailand as part of a multiple trip destination you will want to select “Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada & the Caribbean)” as your area of travel.

If you are unsure of our classification for the country you are travelling to, you can find a full list here.

What’s The Difference Between An Annual Multi-Trip Policy And A Single Trip Policy?

Think of an Annual Multi-Trip policy as being a year’s worth of Single Trip policies, but it saves you the trouble of having to take out multiple single policies. Annual policies can also work out more cost-effective than buying multiple single trip policies.

The maximum trip duration on an annual policy varies slightly depending on your age, you can see the full details here:

- For each person between the ages of 18-65 the maximum duration for each singular trip is 50 days. However this can be extended to 100 days upon payment of an additional premium.
- For each person between 66-75 the maximum duration of each trip is 35 days, this can be extended to 50 days upon payment of an additional premium.
- For each person between the ages of 76-85, the maximum duration is 35 days: which cannot be extended.

When Should I Start My Travel Insurance Policy?

The main aspect to be aware of when it comes to an Annual Multi Trip policy is how it differs from a Single Trip policy in terms of cancellation cover.

With a Single Trip policy you’re covered for cancellation from the date of purchase, even if your travel dates are some way off. With an Annual policy, cancellation cover only commences on the start date of the policy, not the purchase date.

So while you could buy your Annual cover today and select to start your policy on a future date, buying and starting a policy as soon as you’ve booked your trip will provide extra peace of mind.

Key Aspects Of Our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Emergency Medical Treatment

Emergency Medical Assistance

Let’s face it we’re quite spoilt in the UK when it comes to the NHS but as UK citizens abroad, we’re not always entitled to free medical treatment. In fact you may have to pay medical bills in their entirety should you have to seek emergency medical treatment while you’re away. With a Flexicover Travel Insurance policy you’re covered for emergency treatment and there’s an emergency helpline offering support 24/7 too.
Travel Cancellation

Travel Cancellation

Although you never plan for your trip being cancelled, and we hope that it never is, it’s important that you accept that it is a possibility. With a Flexicover Travel Insurance policy we help cover the costs if your trip is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. For example if you suddenly fall ill and have to cancel your trip, we can cover some or potentially all of the costs of your flight and accommodation.
Lost/Stolen Baggage

Lost/Stolen Baggage

This is something that can happen to anyone but with a Flexicover travel insurance policy you can be covered for the contents of your suitcase or carry-on luggage if it‘s stolen or lost in transit. When taking out your travel insurance policy make sure that the level of cover for lost/stolen baggage matches the value of the belongings that you will be taking with you. Plus if you’re packing any valuables make sure they travel in your hand luggage and not the hold.

What Cover Level Should I Choose?

We offer varying cover levels, so you can pick the policy that best meets your specific needs.

You can find further details of the levels of cover that we offer below, and the benefits that each level provides. If you are unsure about any of the policy features, or just want further information, the feel free to give our team a call on 0800 093 9495.

Optional Cover Extras

We realise that everyone is different, so on top of our comprehensive cover levels we provide a range of optional extras, from Gadget Cover to Travel Disruption, giving you the opportunity to tailor your policy to your individual needs.

100 Days Max Single Trip

If you are planning to take multiple trips this year, and some of them are over 50 days in duration, then you can pay an additional premium so that these are included in your policy.

Gadget Cover

With mobile phones and tablets being an integral part of our everyday lives, the thought of dropping one of them into the pool while you’re away is probably haunting. Not to worry though as you can add our optional Gadget Cover onto your policy to make sure that your precious devices are protected while you’re travelling.

Business Plus

With our business plus travel insurance you can have an additional level of cover if you need to have business documents or specialised equipment insured. You can find further details regarding our Business Plus Insurance in our Policy Details.

Golf Plus

Wahey! You’ve just scored a hole in one. And now you have to buy everyone at the golf club a round… or do you? With Flexicover Golf Plus insurance if you manage to make that winning shot then the drinks are on us. Even if you don’t make that winning shot, we’ll still include cover for any damaged equipment that might occur while you’re on your golfing trip.

Cruise Plus

Although cruises are covered by our Single Trip Travel Insurance, there are a few specific factors you may want to consider covering, that are not included as standard. With our Cruise Plus cover you’re also insured for factors such as missed departure and cabin confinement.

Winter Sports

Are you going on a skiing or snowboarding trip this year? You can add our Winter Sports Travel Insurance onto your Multi-Trip policy. You’re covered for a number of winter sports activities such as on-piste and off-piste skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Cover for damaged ski equipment is also included. You can find details of everything that is covered in our Policy Wording.

Weddings/Civil Partnerships

It’s your special day and maybe you’re lucky enough to be getting married in some exotic location. With a wedding abroad there are still things that can go wrong, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! We offer travel insurance that covers your attire such as suits and dresses, as well as the all-important wedding rings. You can find a full list of everything that is covered on our policy details page.

Travel Disruption Cover

As much as we hope that your travels always go smoothly, sometimes everything goes wrong at once. With Flexicover Travel Disruption Cover you can be covered for any substitute accommodation that is needed, or alternative transport arrangements.

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Travelling With A Pre-Existing Medical Condition

What Is A Pre-Existing Medical Condition?
A pre-existing medical condition is any condition that you have had prior to taking out a travel insurance policy with us. It’s important that you inform us of any and all conditions as we need this information so we can provide effective support should you fall ill while you’re away and to accurately calculate your premium. For some minor conditions the cost of your premium won’t increase but we still need to know all this information to safely assess your cover.

Cover for emergency medical treatment is included as part of our travel insurance policies but we can’t cover you for conditions that you neglect to inform us about. If you need to make a claim relating to a condition that hasn’t been declared then you could face having to pay these medical bills in their entirety.

For those with pre-existing medical conditions we’ve made obtaining travel insurance as easy as possible with our specialist medical screening process which is available both online and over the phone. You’ll be asked a few simple questions regarding the nature of your condition and you’ll receive your cover within minutes.

If you have any questions at all then please feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0800 093 9495 and they’ll be happy to help you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Travel Insurance

Why do I need to declare my medical conditions each time I take out a travel insurance policy?

Cover for your medical conditions expires when your travel insurance policy expires, so you will need to re-declare your conditions each time that you take out a new policy. As there may have been changes in your medical conditions between the two policies we would need to know this information to calculate your new premium and to make sure we have the most up to date information on file.

Do I Need an EHIC if I’m travelling to Europe?

The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is an essential item for anyone travelling to Europe as it provides UK residents with access to necessary medical treatment provided by state hospitals in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. Also as a valued Flexicover policyholder you will not have to pay any excess if the EHIC is used while you are away (in in a country covered by the scheme). Note that you shouldn’t treat the EHIC as a replacement for a good travel insurance policy as the EHIC will not cover you for other factors such as cancellation, repatriation or loss of baggage.

Does your Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance cover cruises?

Our standard Annual Travel Insurance does cover cruises. You’ll be covered for normal factors such as emergency medical treatment and loss of luggage. However if you are looking to go on a cruise this year, then there may be some extra factors that you want to consider for a cruise holiday. You can take a look at our Cruise Travel Insurance page for further information.

Does your travel insurance provide cover for treatment in private medical facilities?

Our travel insurance policies cover treatment for pre-existing medical conditions at state facilities, while treatment at private facilities will only be covered if specifically advised by the medical assistance team.

Can I add gadget cover onto my travel insurance after my trip has already started?

Unfortunately not. We cannot add gadget cover once your trip has already started, but we may be able to add cover for specific activities, just give us a call to find out.

Have I Picked The Right Travel Insurance Type?


Is Annual Multi-Trip The Right Policy For You?

Depending on your travel plans it’s possible that Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is not the best choice for you, but don't worry! We offer a range of travel insurance policies so you can pick the cover that best suits your needs.

If you are only planning to travel once this year, or to a single area for under under 100 days in duration, then our Single Trip Travel Insurance is probably the best choice for you. Our Single Trip policies are available with no upper age limit.

If you’re planning to visit one location for an extended period (over 100 days), and are aged between 18 and 75, then check out our Long Stay Travel Insurance.

If you’re aged 18 to 45 and are looking to travel the world this year, our Gap Year Travel Insurance is ideal for you. You're covered for all the countries you travel to after leaving the UK (depending on area of travel selected).

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