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Alternative accommodations!

Want to stay somewhere truly unique? Somewhere that your friends and family will be in awe of?

A unique travel experience should not be limited to where you go and what you do. Where you lay your head at night can be just as exciting. From nice hotels to camping out in concrete pipes there is a wealth of options far from mundane!

The Flexicover Team have located some interesting places you might want to think about.

Sala Silvermine Underground Suite; Sala, Sweden:

Fancy spending a night or two in one of the world’s deepest bedrooms - 155m underground? Cold, dark but hauntingly beautiful, Sala is a fabulously well-preserved mine setting. In its heyday the Sala Silvermine produced copious amounts of silver for the country, mostly turned into coins and jewellery. Stay in one of the 15 single and double rooms above ground or try the sensational mining suite (where you will still have full radio contact with the outside world) and enjoy a guided tour and breakfast the following morning. A deeply memorable experience! Watch video

Crane Hotel; Harlingen, Netherlands:

If you would rather sleep high above the world, try the Harlingen Harbour Crane, a real dockside crane converted into a luxury hideaway for two, in this thriving seaside town only an hour’s drive from Amsterdam! A beautiful bedroom has replaced what was once the machine room in the body of the crane and the original observation windows have been preserved to retain the industrial feel but with added warmth and comfort. Enjoy a fabulous breakfast delivered directly to your room via the internal lift! You will not be short of stories to tell your family and friends after a stay here. See picture

Palacio de Sal; Uyuni, Bolivia:

Located at the edge of the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, the Palacio de Sal is a truly unique hotel, completely built from salt! Everything from the floor to the walls to the ceilings – has been constructed from over a million blocks of salt. Most of the furniture, including tables, chairs and beds are made from salt too. This hotel on the edge of the salt flat was built in 2007, replacing one in the centre that first opened in 1995. Relax and unwind in the fabulous spa, steam room, sauna or saltwater pool. And whatever you do, don’t lick the walls! See picture

La Balade des Gnomes; Heyd, Belgium:

Deep within the Belgian countryside, about 40 minutes’ drive from Liège, this astoundingly decorated hotel boasts 10 fairytale bedrooms birthed by vivid imagination, including a suite known as the Trojan Horse. Hidden in a farmhouse, this hotel was first opened as La Gargouille, a restaurant innovating with fabulous dishes using local produce and organic ingredients. This led the architect and visionary hotelier, Mr Noel, to then construct these amazing places to stay right next door to the restaurant. Each room is a hallmark for a wonderful attention to detail and mythic creativity that delights all its visitors! This trip will dwarf all others for novelty! See picture

The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast; Tasman, New Zealand:

Located in the heart of the Ruby Coast, this unique B&B was designed by Steve Richards completely from scratch! A guesthouse in the shape of a giant boot, it lies on 6 acres of land within a hazelnut tree grove and is a perfect romantic hideaway for two. Enjoy relaxing in the private courtyard during sunny afternoons or stay warm with the indoor open fire. Wander through the gardens picking fruit from the orchard and enjoy the beautiful region with two national parks, wineries and the spectacular views of the Tasman Bay in the vicinity! Watch video

Gamirasu Cave Hotel; Ayvali, Turkey:

Want to sleep where monks once slept and experience the serenity of a millennium old Byzantine monastic retreat? Now you can at this cave hotel, opened in 1999, with all the rooms carved from the rock above Ayvali village in the heart of Cappadocia in Turkey. This fabulous hotel provides spiritual relaxation with modern conveniences so that nothing spoils your stay. The region also offers some unique experiences such as traditional horse riding, Turkish cuisine courses, participation in a Cappadocian “cultural wedding” or witnessing the spectacle of the “whirling dervishes” in an ancient Sufi caravanserai! Abstain from worldly pleasures – and have fun. See picture

Wherever you decide to travel, however different, Flexicover Direct, the travel insurance specialist, is committed to providing the highest level of service to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!