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Top 5 Natural Destinations in South America

Angel falls Venezuela

Published: 21 March 2015

South America travel is often thought to be just about a fabulously rich culture, Incan monuments, joyous carnivals, over the top religious fervour, buzzing cities and quaint little villages. But some of the best experiences the continent has to offer actually lie in its amazing natural destinations. From islands full of friendly wildlife to thriving lush rainforests, from majestic waterfalls to ethereal plains, the bounty of nature is yours to escape into.

So, plan your South American holidays and get set to explore these stunning natural wonders:

Angel Falls, Venezuela:
These falls are the highest in the world and can be found in Venezuela’s beautiful Canaima National Park. As amazing as it is to witness the falls thundering down from a dizzying height, the hike up to Angel Falls is just as spectacular. Spot monkeys, poison arrow frogs and other wildlife as you navigate grasslands, rivers and mountains, circle lagoons and marvel at some of the most dramatically delightful orchids you’ve ever seen.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia:
Explore the ethereal landscape of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia on your South America holidays. Gape in awe as the horizon seems to stretch forever on these, the largest salt flats in the world. While travellers prefer to go in the dry season when the landscape is truly spectacular, the wet season offers a wonderful reflective photo opportunity that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Galapagos Islands, Equador:
One of the only places on Earth where the wildlife isn’t afraid of humans provides animal lover’s an experience like never before. You can swim with turtles, play with penguins and even interact with wild sea lions. And if you aren’t sure you want to get that close, even the sight of all this amazing wildlife unhindered by human presence in any way is sure to be a memory you won’t soon forget.

The Pantanal, Brazil:
The wetlands in Pantanal are created by the seasonal flooding of the Paraguay River and are considered to be one of the most diverse freshwater wetland ecosystems in the world. It has the greatest animal life density in South America and is quite possibly one of the wildest regions on the planet. Spot jaguars, macaques, hummingbirds and colourful parrots here as you go on a wonderful safari.

No list of natural destinations in South America will ever be complete without mention of the Amazon rainforest. Covering about 40% of the continent and touching nine separate nations, this region forms one of the most unique eco-systems on the planet. From monkeys to birds and even caimans and tarantulas, the rich wildlife of the Amazon will mesmerise you every step of the way.

Remember, as unique and amazing as each of these destinations are, it is important to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy with you.

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