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The 5 best European river cruises for 2015

European cruise

Published: 28 January 2015

‘Cruise Holidays have become increasingly popular and are a real trend in the travel circuit this year. If you haven’t cruised before, they make for a great holiday. The Flexicover team look at some great European river cruises 2015!

Seine River Cruise:

A cruise over the river Seine in France is a great way to see famous attractions, take in the wonderful sights of Paris and see some gorgeous French towns. Our favourite is a 7-8 day cruise that starts off with a few days in Paris and ends in Normandy. Along the way you pass through Giverny, the home of artist Claude Monet and the magnificent cathedrals and churches in Rouen, known as the ‘City of 100 Spires’. This river cruise is a fabulous getaway for couples wanting a romantic trip as well as for culture buffs and art enthusiasts.

Rhine River Cruise:

For first-timers, the Rhine river cruise is a great holiday for 2015. It takes you through a number of countries depending on the route you take including Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France. Charm yourself with the cathedrals in Cologne, the historic university in Heidelberg and gothic architecture in Strasbourg. And make sure you sample some exceptional Riesling wines in Rudesheim. A wonderful cruise and a great way to experience some beautiful scenery in Europe.

Danube River Cruise:

Flowing through Central and Eastern Europe, the Danube is the EU’s longest river and the continents second longest. For variety alone, this river cruise is perfect! Flowing through Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Romania and several other countries, you can choose from different cruise combinations like one-way between Regensburg and Budapest, round trips from Passau in Germany, or even one-way between Vienna to Nuremberg. Via your Danube river cruise you can visit the Austrian Lake District, Baroque monasteries, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and lesser known medieval towns along the way. A great way to see so much of beautiful Europe.

Main River Cruise:

A cruise down the Main River in Germany is a wonderful way to see all the highlights of the country. You’ll love it even more if you’re a beer or wine connoisseur or a WWII history fanatic. Stop at the historic town of Heidelberg to visit its 14th century university and its famous red brick bridge over the Neckar River. Another popular stop is Nuremberg, which has one of the world’s largest Christmas markets and is a treasure trove of World War II relics and history. A great pick!

Rhone River Cruise:

Most cruises on the Rhone River in France are from Chalon-sur-Saone to Arles. This gives you a chance to visit the historic town of Avignon, the 2000 year old city of Lyon, the vineyards in Burgundy and the fascinating Roman ruins in Arles. The Rhone River is the perfect choice for history buffs and wine connoisseurs. It even makes for a romantic getaway with your loved one!

Which of these amazing river cruises for 2015 will you pick?

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