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Spiritual sojourns on the subcontinent

Teeming with stunning landscapes, majestic monuments, a rich history and an overwhelmingly vibrant culture, travel in India is often seen as a smorgasbord of fascinating (and at times, chaotic) experiences. India’s culture is among the world’s oldest, as civilization here developed around 4,500 years ago, resulting in a unique melange where everything from language to religions, dance to architecture and food to customs differs between regions.

But as vivid and varied as your travel experiences may be in this wonderful country, to truly sample its thousand-year traditions of spirituality and wellness, try visiting spiritual retreats and meditation retreats on your next trip to the Indian subcontinent. While yoga holidays in India are quite popular, you don’t need to be a full-fledged yogi to enjoy the break.

The Flexicover Team lists some good places in India to get in touch with your spiritual side or, for the more ambitious, learn to master your mind.

Osho Meditation Resort; Pune

A short distance from bustling, cosmopolitan Mumbai, lies the renowned Osho Meditation Centre in Pune. Within its beautiful 28 acre campus you can enjoy a traditional ashram experience, join one of ten daily meditation classes, take a relaxing walk in lush gardens, swim or simply relax in the peaceful environs of the resort. Their unique Multiversity teaches both Western and Eastern spiritual, healing and creative arts whilst the on-site Basho Spa offers tennis and a gym as well – all ways to uniting the physical and metaphysical during your stay.

Art of Living International Centre; Bangalore

Atop the Panchagiri Hills outside India’s technology hub of Bangalore, the 65-acre campus of the Art of Living International Centre boasts outstanding grounds and mountain trails making it a popular centre for international travellers seeking peace and serenity. The focal point is the stunning Vishalakshi Mantap, a white marble edifice designed as a thousand-petalled lotus, where courses take place. The centre specialises in the deep meditative practices of Sudarshan Kriya. It also gives you the chance to offer your services voluntarily (seva), bringing ‘merit’ and integration to your relaxation here.

Kalari Kovailakom; Kerala

Operating from a renovated palace in south India, this centre is perfect for the holistic experience of Ayurveda – the ancient Indian ‘science of living’. Get ready to give your body, mind and stomach (only vegetarian food is served) a rejuvenating boost. They offer a range of classes, where you can learn different forms such as hatha yoga or nidra yoga. If you’re suffering from vague aches and ailments, then they offer the chance to try natural remedies made from freshly picked herbs grown on-site. The centre also provides training sessions in Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art from Kerala that improves reflexes, building strength, stamina and flexibility.

Ananda - In the Himalayas; Narendra Nagar

If ‘rustic charm’ is not quite your cup of tea, you’ll love this luxury centre nestled in the scenic foothills of the Indian Himalayas. It’s one of the world’s highest-rated destination spas, popular with celebrities, indeed mixing “the healing principles of the East with the pampering needs of the West”. It provides extensive classes in different types of meditation and mind/body purifying yoga techniques. Pamper yourself in its world-class Ayurvedic spa, learn some yoga kriyas or sign up for one of the special retreat packages that includes stress management, weight loss and yoga detoxification.

Ashiyana Yoga Retreat; Mandrem

While many tourists consider Goa to be no more than a party destination with beautiful beaches, hidden within this tiny state in western India is the popular Ashiyana Yoga Retreat in Mandrem. Here, you can choose from three different packages that focus on stress reduction and detoxification that can last from one to three weeks. The mix of yoga, healing therapies, nutritious meals and relaxation techniques provided here are meant to help you recover from the negative effects of stressful lifestyles. It’s even said to have the state’s only ‘natural’ swimming pool – great for a refreshing dip in the tropical heat.

Wherever you decide to go to ease away the worries of life, gain some peace of mind or get your health back on track, we at Flexicover Direct, are committed to providing you the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.