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Single trip

Single trip is a type of travel insurance policy that can be arranged for one inward and return journey starting and returning to the UK.

These policies are ideal and a most cost effective insurance policy if you only have travel plans once a year. There are alternative policies that are more suitable for multi-trips during a year.

There are some situations where it may only be possible to purchase a single trip policy and an example of this may be where a policyholder has a serious medical condition and the medical screening process does not offer a multi-trip option. There are often specialist providers that can help in these situations.

Another advantage of a single trip policy would be that they may be available to a higher than average age customer enabling them to obtain insurance which may otherwise prove difficult. Again specialist providers are able to assist in these situations.

On a single trip policy an additional feature is that all policies often allow a permitted stopover for 24 hours.

Single trip insurance policies can be obtained from most providers including aggregators who offer a price comparison of policies across a number of providers in one place. These are purchased through the internet with full information and terms and conditions available at the point of sale.

When you plan your travel for the year always be sure to check the regions that you are travelling to and do check the cost of single trip cover options if you are travelling to a number of regions alongside the annual option to ensure that you choose the best plans available for your trips.

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