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Protect your tech every time you travel: Get gadget cover!

Protect your tech get gadget cover

Published: 06 February 2015

Most of us will now travel with some sort of gadgets when we go abroad. Whether it’s our iPods for music, our kindles for reading, our cameras to capture magical memories or iPads, smart phones and laptops for work, entertainment, movies and maps!

But inevitably, with carrying these with you does come some worry. What if you lose your phone or you get pick-pocketed? What if your brand new MP3 gets damaged on a bumpy ride? And what if you drop your iPad and smash the screen? All frustrating but common problems that most of us will experience at some point.

As of January 2015, Flexicover now offer optional Gadget cover at an additional premium that can be added on to your travel insurance policy. This is a special add on and very quick and easy to do!

Through this Gadget Cover, you can insure your gadgets against:

Theft: If an insured gadget or any part of an insured gadget is stolen, then we’ll pay the cost of the gadget or its missing parts.

Accidental damage: If an insured gadget or its parts are damaged due to an accident, then we’ll pay for replacement of the gadget or its damaged parts.

Malicious Damage: If the insured gadget is damaged due to deliberate action by someone else, then we’ll pay to repair the gadget or replace any damaged parts.

And that’s not all; with this add-on cover, you can take up to 5 gadgets with you!! So there’s no need to choose which one to leave behind either!

We insure a range of devices from MP3 Players, iPods, Smart Phones, DVD Players, iPads and Games Consoles to Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Mobile Phones, PDAs, Laptops, Bluetooth Headsets, Satellite Navigation Devices, E-Readers, Camera Lenses, In-Car Computers, Head / Ear Phones and Tablets.

Make sure you provide us with the original receipts or proof of ownership for each gadget and that’s all you need to make your insured trip even more care-free.

So go ahead, add an extra layer of protection to your travel plans with this fabulous gadget insurance add-on at just a small premium fee.

Will the peace of mind be worth it? Absolutely.

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