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Travel Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Travel insurance provides many benefits for the traveller should you encounter difficulties during your trip. Of the most widely used benefit under a policy are medical expenses where medical treatment may be required in the event of an emergency.

When selecting a travel provider it is necessary to let the provider know of any pre-existing medical conditions to ensure that these can be covered during your travels. A provider will often only accept to cover any medical condition that has been diagnosed and you must not be undergoing tests or investigations for any current symptoms.

A pre-existing condition would be a medical condition that existed before an insurance policy was taken out.

When arranging your insurance you will be given the option to tell the provider about any medical conditions and they will need to ask some simple questions about your health to arrive at the correct premium for your policy.

It is important to tell your provider about these medical conditions as should you require emergency medical treatment whilst on your trip, any undisclosed conditions including those conditions that are indirectly and directly related, will not be covered. This may result in an unexpected high cost especially if you need to be repatriated home on medical advice.

When travelling to Europe the UK National Health Service provide a European Health card which is free and available to all UK residents who hold a National Insurance number. This will allow free or low cost treatment in Europe for any medical condition, including pre-existing medical conditions in a local state hospital. It is only travel insurance that will extend to private care and repatriation services. If you do choose to use an EHIC this will often remove the need to pay an excess on your policy and details of this will be included in your policy terms and conditions.

In addition to emergency medical treatment your policy may also provide cover for emergency replenishment of prescription medication that you require to prevent a deterioration or exacerbation of a pre-existing medical condition, in the event that your existing supplies run out after the date that you were scheduled to return home.

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