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Global breakfasts

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that most people the world over consider breakfast to be a very important meal. And even though today’s busy lifestyles mean that it often gets neglected or hastily taken, consumer research shows that folks wish they had more opportunity to eat well before heading out for the day.

Many try to make up for it at the weekend, treating themselves to a leisurely meal, either home-cooked or, increasingly, eating out. And every culture usually has its breakfast specialities, influenced by the rigours of the environment or traditional work. From a humble bowl of well-made porridge with apple and cinnamon to a plate of idli (an Indian steamed bread) with fragrant sambar or a full English breakfast, breakfast is as diverse and as culturally rich as you want it to be!

The Flexicover Team discovers some real taste sensations for those wanting to eat local on their travels!

The Netherlands

The Dutch are famous for their plate-sized hearty pancakes, which make a great breakfast or part of brunch. Often a combination of sweet and savoury, they’re popular amongst locals and tourists alike, with toppings like apples and bacon to tempt the taste buds. Served with a dark syrup (stroop), they’re a must try when visiting. Or, in keeping with their penchant for sweet breakfasts, indulge in the wide variety of chocolate toppings for bread and toast, everything from spreads to sprinkles!


On weekends, breakfast here is a big affair. A typical breakfast consists of Turkish tea or coffee, a variety of cheeses, including the must-have white cheese (beyaz peynir), tomatoes, cucumber, jam, honey, boiled eggs, olives and a basket of fresh breads. Folks like to take their time over a good, hearty meal, more so if it’s a family breakfast. If you are in a hotel or café, you’ll get a selection of eggs, often cooked with sausage (sucuk) or scrambled with onions, peppers and tomatoes (menemen) for a real treat that’s sure to keep you full until dinner!


The ‘go to’ traditional breakfast here is nasi lemak, sometimes considered the national dish of Malaysia. It consists primarily of fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, scented with pandan leaf and served with a variety of accompaniments. You’ll find it served by most food stalls, restaurants and hotels with exact ingredients varying on the time of day it’s eaten but for breakfast, it’s usually topped with eggs, anchovies, peanuts and a spicy sambal (light curry). For a really hearty start to your day you can’t go wrong here!


No Brazilian breakfast is complete without coffee! Café-da-manhã (‘breakfast’) literally means “morning coffee”. The day starts with pingado (warm milk) and sweetened coffee, which is usually served in a glass. Cuisine varies by region but common breakfast staples include pão na chapa (skillet toasted French baguette) with butter and jam and sometimes cheeses and hams too. The wide variety of tropical fruits available also graces the breakfast table, so most will also have papaya or pineapple and some kind of fruit juice to kick off the day.


There is one key ingredient to the Aussie breakfast and that’s vegemite, usually on toast! A pot of this sticky, salty, brown extract (that’s similar to Marmite) can usually be found in most cafés and households. Special breakfasts nowadays hark back to the time before refrigeration was commonplace and the traditional breakfast was grilled steaks and fried eggs. Coffee is also popular and some mix it with native wattle seed, which gives it a unique nutty, chocolaty flavour!

Wherever your travels take you this year and whatever delicious breakfast foods you are fortunate enough to dine on, we at Flexicover Team are committed to providing you the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

Safe travels!