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Finland – perfect for a chilly adventure!

Finland adventure

Published: 11 January 2015

This Nordic country in Northern Europe makes for a wonderful holiday. Offering forests and lakes as far as the eyes can see, open unspoiled landscapes throughout the year and a colourful capital; Helsinki, this is a great destination to visit, especially for a chilly adventure.

For a magical break, Flexicover looks at some reasons why Finland should be on your 2015 travel wish list!

  • Snowboarding

  • Finland produces some of the best freestylers in the world! Whilst the country is small and the terrain generally flat making skiing hard, all year round snow allows great opportunity for snowboarders with an adrenaline drive! Head to Ruka, one of Finland’s largest resorts where some major snowboard championships have been hosted.

  • Ice skating

  • With nearly 200,000 lakes that freeze over in the winter, ice skaters grab their blades and head out to the open for some fun. With beautiful settings and more than a thousand kilometres of coastline, ice skating in Finland is a wonderful outdoor activity and a must if visiting this year. Whether you are a total novice or an expert, ice-skating in the open is a wonderful feeling. Guided tours are available if you prefer!

  • Reindeer harness drives

  • Don’t miss a reindeer ride if in Finland this year as this animal is an icon of Finnish Lapland.

    Suitable for all ages, glide through snowy forests in wooden sleighs and enjoy the true beauty of the countryside basking in pristine white snow. A wonderful, lifetime experience that you are unlikely to forget!

  • Warm saunas

  • There are over three million saunas in Finland and a Finnish sauna is a big part of the Finnish culture. For Finns, going to a sauna is a regular activity, a place for physical and spiritual cleansing and an essential daily experience and integral part of life. Many Finns also enjoy the sauna in a social way with loved ones, family and friends and many use a bunch of birch leaves (vihta) to whip themselves lightly over the shoulders; this is said to improve circulation and enhance the effect of the heat on the skin. After a long, cold day, you should try it too, but remember to bathe before entering.

    Most holidays to Finland are full of adventures and filled with discovery with something for everyone. If you are lucky enough to visit this year, remember to take your Travel Insurance with you!

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