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When taking a travel insurance policy unfortunately it is not possible to cover every eventuality. If a policy covered everything, it would increase the cost of premiums considerably to ensure that there were adequate premiums to cover the claims made. Exclusions are used in a policy by insurers to make sure that they are only paying for any unforeseeable events that may arise.

In any travel insurance policy there are threeplaces to look where identifying what will and what will not be covered.

  1. The section you are claiming under will tell you what is not covered
  2. The General Exclusions that apply to all sections of the policy.
  3. Significant or unusual exclusions or limitations.

Whilst it is necessary for any claim to be an unforeseen event it is also required that you at all times must take adequate steps to safeguard your personal items and possessions and also not to place yourself in avoidable danger. Under the General Exclusions of a policy you will typically find the following that are uninsurable.

War Risk, Civil Commotion and terrorism

Radioactive Contamination

Sonic Bangs

Some Costs which will be detailed in the General Exclusions and also include the costs in presenting a claim.

Professional Sports or entertaining

Jumping from buildings, vehicles or balconies

Unauthorised use of swimming pools

Tour operator and airline failure

Search and rescue

Alcohol abuse

Suicide, drug use or solvent abuse.

Unlawful action or any criminal proceedings against you

Operational duties of Armed forces

Travelling against the Foreign Office or WHO advice

You need to be Fit to travel

Costs covered elsewhere

Where adequate safety precautions have not been taken.

It is important to fully read your policy terms and conditions for full details of any travel insurance exclusions that apply on your policy. Whilst these travel insurance exclusions may apply, there is a considerable amount of coverage available in any travel insurance policy which will provide you with peace of mind during your travels.

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