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Emergency medical and other expenses

Emergency cover will be provided in your travel and medical insurance policy and there is normally a very generous level of cover that will apply. It is not uncommon to find policy cover up to £20m but do check your emergency medical travel insurance for the amount that is included in your policy.

Emergency cover will include emergency medical and other expenses which are necessarily incurred within 12 months of the incident as a result of your suffering unforeseen bodily injury, illness, disease and/or compulsory quarantine. This may also include dental treatment to give immediate pain relief. Burial and cremation expenses will be included as well as any additional cost of returning your body or ashes home.

Should it be medically necessary that you need to stay beyond your scheduled return date you will be entitled for any reasonable additional transport and accommodation expenses up to the standard of your original booking.

On some occasions it may be medically necessary for you to return home for further or specialised treatment and should this occur air transport will be used using qualified attendants to care for you.

When travelling in Europe a European Health Card will entitle you to free or low cost medical treatment in a State hospital. Using this card will mean that you will not need to pay an excess under this section of the policy and if your care can be received in a State hospital, the Medical Assistance team will arrange for you to be admitted to a State Hospital until you have recovered.

Your emergency travel insurance is not a medical policy and there will be some situations which cannot be covered.

  1. The policy excess as shown in the summary of cover for each and every claim per incident unless a European Health Card has been used.
  2. Normal pregnancy, without any accompanying bodily injury, illness, disease or complication.This section is designed to provide cover for unforeseen events, accidents, illnesses and diseases and normal childbirth would not constitute an unforeseen event.
  3. The cost of your unused original tickets where we have arranged and paid for you to return to your home, if you cannot use the return ticket.
  4. Any claims arising directly in respect of:
    1. Costs of telephone calls, other than:

      1. calls to the Medical Assistance Helpline notifying and dealing with the problem for which you are able to provide receipts or other reasonable evidence to show the cost of the calls and the numbers you telephoned.
      2. any costs incurred by you when you receive calls on your mobile from us.
      The cost of taxi fares, other than those for your travel to or from hospital relating to your admission, discharge or attendance for outpatient treatment or appointments or for collection of medication prescribed for you by the hospital. However, any costs incurred by you to visit another person or by another person visiting you in hospital are not covered.
    2. The cost of treatment or surgery, including exploratory tests, which are not directly related to the bodily injury or illness which necessitated your admittance into hospital.
    3. Any expenses which are not usual, reasonable or customary to treat your bodily injury, illness or disease.
    4. Any form of treatment or surgery which in the opinion of the Medical Assistance Helpline or us (based on information provided by the medical practitioner in attendance), can be delayed reasonably until your return to your home area.
    5. Expenses incurred in obtaining or replacing medication, which you know you will need at the time of departure or which will have to be continued outside of your home area. Where possible and with the agreement of your medical practitioner, you should always travel with plenty of extra medication in case of travel delays.
    6. Additional costs arising from single or private room accommodation. Treatment or services provided by a health spa, convalescent or nursing home or any rehabilitation centre unless agreed by the Medical Assistance Helpline.
    7. Any expenses incurred after you have returned to your home area, unless you are travelling in your home area for 2 or more consecutive nights in pre-booked accommodation on an annual multi trip policy.
    8. Any expenses incurred in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands which are:
      1. for private treatment or
      2. are funded by a reciprocal health agreement (RHA) between these countries and/or islands.
    9. Expenses incurred as a result of a tropical or other disease where you have not had the NHS recommended inoculations and/or taken the NHS recommended medication.
    10. Your decision not to be repatriated after the date when, in the opinion of the Medical Assistance Helpline, it is safe to do so.
    11. Any extra costs after the time when, in our medical advisor’s opinion, you are fit to return to your home area (or your final country if you are on a one-way trip).
    12. Any medical treatment that you receive after you have refused the offer of returning to your home area, when, in the opinion of our medical advisors, you are fit to travel.
    13. Costs of more than £500 which we have not agreed beforehand.
    14. Where you do not comply with the treatment agreed by the treating doctor and us.
    15. Any costs which are covered under a reciprocal health agreement between the government of the UK and that of your country of loss including costs covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Always fully read your travel and medical insurance policy for a full list of what is and what is not covered and we do have a 24 hour assistance helpline should this be needed to help with any emergency that may arise. Flexicover will be with you night and day: Safe travels!

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