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When planning a trip always be sure to check your policy document to see that you have holiday cancellation insurance. Often your travel insurance cancellation also includes a Curtailment benefit which can be described as

  1. Abandoning or cutting short the trip by direct early return to your home area, in which case any benefit will be calculated from the day you returned to your home area and based on the number of complete days of your trip you have not used, or
  2. by attending a hospital outside your home area as an in-patient or being confined to your accommodation abroad due to compulsory quarantine or on the orders of a medical practitioner.

In both of these examples it would need to be in excess of 48 hours. Claims will be calculated from the day you were admitted to hospital or confined to your accommodation and based on the number of complete days for which you were hospitalised, quarantined or confined to your accommodation.

It is always wise to check your travel insurance cancellation policy document as if you do need to make a claim for this benefit you will need to provide written evidence to support the amount of money that you are claiming.

Typically this would be written details from your travel agent, tour operator or provider of transport/accommodation showing the separate costs of transport, accommodation and other pre-paid costs or charges that made up the total cost of the trip

In the case of death causing cancellation or curtailment of the trip, the original death certificate.

The cost of your unused original tickets where the Medical Assistance Helpline or the insurer have arranged and paid for you to come home following curtailment of the trip.

If however you have not purchased a return ticket, there may be a deduction covering the cost of an economy flight from any additional costs insurers have incurred which are medically necessary to repatriate you to your home.

When you need to use this section of the policy, insurers will make all of the necessary arrangements but it is important that you do call the emergency assistance helpline who will then guide you through what is needed next. Any medical reports that are needed you will need to obtain these at your own expense.

Knowing what is needed and when to obtain it will enable you to glide through the process and remember that help is always at hand with your travel insurance curtailment policy.

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