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Change in medical conditions

When taking out a travel insurance policy it is always necessary to tell the provider about all medical conditions. This will allow them to provide you with a full quotation to include all medical conditions. On telling the provider about the medical conditions, you will be asked some simple questions about your health before being offered a premium quotation.

When you accept the quotation, you will receive policy documentation that will contain full details of your travel insurance covering medical conditions. You will also receive a copy of the screening questions that were answered at the time of taking out the pre-existing medical condition travel insurance.

Before you travel you may experience a change in your medical conditions and this may be

any new treatment or prescribed medication;

any changes to treatment or prescribed medications, including changes in dosages; and

any new sickness, condition, illness or injury which you needed to ask for medical advice.

You must tell your provider about any changes and they will advise of any changes to the medical premium to ensure that you are completely covered for your planned trip.

For Annual Multi-trip policies you will receive renewal documentation prior to your renewal for you to review any changes made to your policy. If you have had travel insurance with medical conditions, you will need to declare these again to make sure that you are fully covered for any condition that you need when travelling.

Insurers will have 24 hour assistance services available should you be in need of any medical assistance during your travels. They will have access to details of your travel insurance medical conditions that you may have told your provider and this will help them in arranging speedy assistance to you which can be reassuring if you are in need of hospital treatment. They can also arrange for bills to be paid and let you have details of the correct processes that may be needed whilst you may be overseas. They would also give help on any interpretation needs that you may have.Always fully read your policy documentation and save any emergency telephone number in your mobile phone should you need to call whilst you are away.

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