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Best places in the world for the midnight sun

It's a delightful anomaly of this planet in which we reside that every summer a certain slice of the world lives in constant sunlight.

So rather than the usual night-day pattern there's varying degrees of sun with each day rolling into the next.

While the Yin to that Yang is that these areas are subject to all-day darkness in winter, there's a real benefit from summer tourists keen to experience this natural phenomenon. As such, many towns have grown to accommodate those lucky enough to reach the Arctic Circle (for there are no habitable places close to the Antarctic).

Here the Flexicover team lists five destinations to experience the midnight sun. One top tip - sleep masks essential.

Hammerfest, Norway

There's no better place to start this Arctic adventure than in Hammerfest, Norway. As the world's most northern town it basks in constant sunshine from May until the end of July. Better still, it's one of the warmer places to visit as the North Atlantic Current keeps it ice-free. Watch the sun try to set (and then give up) at the famous Mount Salen while looking out over the islands of Sørøya and Seiland. Or try your hand at the 24-hour golf course in nearby Repparfjord.

Ilulissat, Greenland

If you choose to visit Iluslissat in western Greenland, make sure you have plenty of battery-life in your camera - you'll need it. When the sun comes out in full force, the ice disappears and is replaced by emerging flora and fauna across its vast lands, making for some incredible scenes. Aside from dog-sledding and whale-watching, midnight sun-seekers will also be able to visit its Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At its eastern end, the fast-flowing Jakobshavn Isbræ glacier is an amazing arctic spectacle as it results in 20 billion tonnes of icebergs every year.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaska's most northerly state is known for its many midnight sun activities - you'd want to celebrate the yellow ball too if you were subject to total darkness for much of the year. For starters, the midnight sun Festival takes place at the end of June and is a major city-wide celebration - so much so that the city centre is closed to traffic to allow revellers to make the most of the summer's sociability. There's also a midnight sun baseball match - a local tradition for the past 110 years. And there's plenty to discover around the area too, like Prudhoe Bay, Denali National Park and the gold-mining town of Wiseman.

Kiruna, Sweden

From the end of May until mid-July, Kiruna in Swedish Lapland is bathed in sunlight and offers a range of activities to take advantage of these never-ending days. There's a 24-hour golf course nearby for enthusiasts who have the stamina and for adrenaline-junkies Kiruna also has midnight white-water rafting. For something a little gentler try an ice-sculpting course at the Ice Hotel or enjoy dinner by the tranquil Torne River where guests can watch the warm colours of the midnight sun unfurl.

Inuvik, Canada

In the Northwest Territories of Canada, Inuvik is one of the more unique places to witness perpetual sun. Home to just 3,500 people, its remote location hasn't stopped it from building a splendid church, officially known as Our Lady Of Victory Church, in the shape of an igloo. Blending in perfectly with its snowy white surrounds, it's just as much of an attraction as the midnight sun. Also on the itinerary is the Great Northern Arts Festival, which takes place in July and attracts Canadian artists of all kinds. There's also the midnight sun Fun Run, held around summer solstice, where runners from across the globe make full use of the constant daylight by taking part in 5ks to half-marathons.

Wherever you're heading to this year, be it to one of our suggestions where the sun never sets or to somewhere with a more standard day/night divide, Flexicover are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure 24 hours a day while away.