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What does annual multi-trip travel insurance mean?


This variation of your travel insurance policy serves as a cost effective way to cover your many home and international trips through the year. As part of the policy, most annual travel insurance covers include:

Medical expenses.

Hospital benefit.

Personal accident.

Protection against the theft or loss of baggage, money, passport and other travel documents.

Protection against mishaps during adventure sports and other outdoor activities where these have been specified in your policy.

Missed departure of flights.

Legal expenses and assistance.

Who this coverage is useful for?

As the name suggests, annual multi-trip travel insurance is ideal for frequent international travellers. This is a preferable form of protection as it will help you save time and money and negate the need to look for an affordable policy each time. Annual travel insurance is a prudent decision to invest in if you have planned more than three home and international trips a year. The benefits available are particularly suited to:

Business travellers.

Frequent holiday goers.

Professional travel bloggers.

International journalists and reporters.

How does it benefit you?

You should definitely keep this policy in mind if you are passionate about travel or have business requirements across the globe. This form of insurance allows you to:

Receive protection against accidents that may occur through outdoor activities and adventures. Flexicover’s range of annual travel insurance offers cover for more than 115 outdoor activities and adventures.

Get insurance coverage for up to 50 days throughout the year. It should be noted, though, that this is applicable for an insured person who is below the age of 76 years. You will need to check age eligibility for extended winter sports policies as these ages will likely be lower.

Enjoy insurance protection for your children as well as a discounted rate for couples or family travel.

Receive critical medical aid in times of need. The medical expenses cover included in this policy can offer support for your pre-existing medical conditions subject to medical screening. Thus, you can be sure of international assistance in your chosen destination should this be required.

It is always best to check your policy in advance of any travel arrangements to ensure that you have insurance in the region that you are travelling to. Do look at the FCO website as most policies will not provide cover if the FCO advise not travelling there.

The diverse coverage of multi-trip travel insurance can come in handy for users in countless circumstances. Thus, for frequent travellers, this coverage can offer peace of mind throughout the year.

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