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An Alternate Bahamas Experience


Published: 20 March 2015

Imagine this: a long weekend spent lazing on a white-sand beach, turquoise blue waters lapping at the shore, a cool drink in your hand and the sun gently washing over your skin. Bliss! And then spend time exploring the surroundings or raise the roof with a night full of partying. This is exactly what Bahamas holidays are made of!

The Bahamas, a group of 700 islands and 2400 cays is an island paradise (quite literally, one of its islands is called Paradise Island!), in the Atlantic Ocean. Just a night’s flight away from the UK, it’s unlike a lot of other long weekend beach destinations in that your holiday experience is not limited to the beach. If you’re looking to spend your next long weekend there, here are some of the things you definitely must do:

Play with dolphins:
The Dolphin Experience on the Grand Bahama Island lets you frolic with fun and friendly Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins. The animals are so well-trained that it’s even completely safe to let children play with them. Diving, jumping and swimming next to these amazing creatures is bound to be an experience you won’t forget. This is not just one of the largest dive programmes in the Caribbean, but also extremely humane since the dolphins aren’t enclosed in a pen but allowed to swim with you freely in open water.

Visit the Christ Church Cathedral:
This church in the Bahamas’ capital of Nassau was built in 1670, but was last restored as early as 1990. Boasting exquisite architecture and original wooden pews, it’s a great place to gather your thoughts and even attend worship, if you’re so inclined.

Soak in the sun on pink sand:
A lot of people can claim to have sun-bathed on golden beaches or to have lain below the shade of a palm tree on a white sand beach. But how many can truly say they’ve been to a beach with shimmering pink sand? You could, once you visit the beautiful beach on Harbour Island, Eleuthera.

Go snorkelling at Thunderball Grotto:
This underwater maze on Staniel Cay is a favourite for divers and snorkelers the world over. High cave ceilings with sunlight dappling through holes provides you an almost ethereal ambiance as you go from chamber to chamber spotting exotic fish and other marine wildlife.

Go on a tour of the Pirate Museum:
The Pirates of Nassau Museum allows you a foray into interesting pirate legends with its many displays. Learn about Blackbeard and delve into pirate history that the Bahamas is famous for. While the pirates are long gone and most of the islands in the Bahamas are crime-free, you may still want to invest in Bahamas travel insurance if you include a visit to Nassau though, and ensure your getaway won’t be marred by any unfortunate incidents.

The Bahamas are a treasure trove of many other wonderful experiences too. Pick and choose between diving and bone fishing in Andros, interactions with marine wildlife in the Atlantis on Paradise Island and shopping at the Port Lucaya Marketplace for excellent duty-free items.

And remember to take your Flexicover travel insurance with you!

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