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Adventurous dining

At home or abroad, there are some amazing dining experiences just waiting to be discovered! Perhaps it’s a unique environment that attracts you or an interesting setup like The Clink restaurant in London where a modern-style is cooked and presented by inmates of HMP Brixton!

Or maybe it’s something really bizarre, like Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience, where you’re treated to a 1970s-style 3 course meal, served in the splendour of the Charing Cross Hotel whilst the antics of Basil, Sybil and Manuel rage around you! With only about a third of dinner/show scripted, this is a fully immersive, semi-improvised site-specific comedy that has attracted rave reviews.

The Flexicover Team looks at some other great dining experiences around the globe for you to get your teeth into!

Waterfalls Restaurant; San Pablo City, Philippines

For a meal and truly memorable natural experience, visit the Villa Escudero Resort, just outside San Pablo City on the shores of Lake Labasin. Whilst you enjoy great local cuisine on bamboo dining tables, clear spring water from the stunning man-made Labasin Waterfall flows underfoot for a refreshing thrill. Built on a former coconut plantation, the resort offers tropical luxury and the sparkling sensation on your feet and tastebuds will blow you away!

Piz Gloria; Mürren, Switzerland

This fascinating revolving restaurant on the Schilthorn in the cosy Swiss village of Mürren, sits at nearly 3,000m high in the Bernese Alps and boasts breathtaking panoramic views. Accessible by cable car, not only does this eatery rotate whilst you dine but it’s also famous for being featured in the James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In the 1960s, the production team partly financed the restaurant’s construction in return for exclusive filming. Book a window table to literally watch the world go by!

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant; Diani Beach, Kenya

Close to the seaport of Mombasa is the renowned Cave Restaurant, a series of interlinked natural chambers reckoned to be up to 180,000 years old. At around 10m below the surface, natural gaps in the ceiling make this a stunning place to visit for a romantic meal; surrounded by candles and the starry night sky above you, you can revel in style and a mythic atmosphere. This natural phenomena has a good choice of fine seafood and a great wine list for that ultimate dining experience!

Soneva Kiri; Koh Kood, Thailand

This wonderful resort stands on Thailand’s fourth largest, but least populated, island in the Gulf of Siam. Fine dining is taken to new heights as diners are comfortably seated in private bamboo pods which are then hoisted up nearly 5m into the ancient rainforest foliage. Waiters deliver mouthwatering food via zipline like acrobats whilst you gaze out across the forest and shores to watch the waves lap idyllically and provide the stunning backdrop to your unique dinner!

Fangweng; Yichang, China

One for the adventurous diner, the ‘Hanging Restaurant’ in Hubei Province is a true marvel, jutting out from a vertical cliff and suspended a few hundred metres above the Yangtze River! Unsurprisingly, the restaurant offers spectacular views of its natural surroundings and daredevils may want to take advantage of the bungee platform nearby. A narrow concrete bridge brings you into the restaurant but once inside, you’ll see why you wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Wherever your travels take you this year and whichever fabulous restaurants you are lucky enough to dine in, we atFlexicover Team are committed to providing you the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away

Safe travels!