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USA travel insurance

The United States of America offers travellers a varied list of options to choose from. With some of the most iconic destinations, an adventure here presents you with amazing views, dazzling nightlife, as well as ample opportunity to get some much needed rest and relaxation. Depending on your interests, you could plan a visit to the Napa Valley in California, one of the top American wine-producing areas. Alternatively, plan a trip to Savannah in Georgia, which offers everything from history, art and shopping to an amazing nightlife and fantastic food! The USA has plenty of cities to choose from such as New Orleans, Carmel, Chicago, Honolulu, San Francisco and Santa Fe – there’s definitely one to suit your taste.

Apart from just the well-known cities, though, the vastness of the USA offers plenty of options for all kinds of traveller. Perhaps try Grand Rapids, the second-largest city in Michigan, which is known for its craft breweries, a fantastic art scene and a proximity to Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast. Other attractions include places like Yosemite National Park in California, the fabulous city of Boston, the Central Coast of California, Jersey Shore, Memphis and last but not least, Las Vegas!

The USA also offers much in the way of culinary delights - despite the image of American food being greasy and unhealthy! Some dishes you should be sure to sample include key lime pie, tater tots, San Francisco artisanal sourdough bread, cobb salad, traditional pot roast, fajitas, corn bread and Creole jambalayas! While the country boasts literally thousands of eateries that will leave your mouth watering, some spots, like Aska in Brooklyn and the Pass & Provisions in Houston, Texas, are definitely worth trying out. It’s advisable to do some leg work or some research beforehand to settle on all the places you may want to try eating!

The variety of the USA also extends to other experiences as well, particularly adventure sports! Head on over to the US National Whitewater Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina, to take a crack at those beautiful rapids. Alternatively, try your hand kayaking at the Whitewater Kayak & Recreation Park in Colorado. You can go sky diving, cave touring or just hike through the Kula Kai Caverns in tropical Hawaii. Whatever experience you are looking for, the USA probably has your answer.

Whether you want to go visit the majesty of the Grand Canyon or jump out of a plane over the lights of Las Vegas, it’s essential to have all the right safeguards in place. With a range of travel insurance offers, Flexicover can offer a stress-free tour of the US. Whether you happen to lose your luggage at Chicago Airport, feel queasy on the way to the ‘City of Angels’ or miss that essential flight, just a few minutes of preparation can ensure that your valuable time and invested effort is well protected.

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