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UAE travel insurance

UAE travel insurance

The United Arab Emirates offers travellers a unique opportunity to explore a vast array of options. With seven emirates and a vast landscape of geographical and cultural hotspots, it can be easy to lose yourself in the wonder of this destination. No matter where you turn, you will be faced with modern architecture that fuses seamlessly with the most ancient of archaeological sites. From the Burj Khalifa to the man-made archipelago shaped in the map of the world, the list is so great that one may need several trips to cover all the wonders offered by this destination.

While the United Arab Emirates, or UAE as it is popularly known, has many cities, the place to start from is undoubtedly Dubai. Visit the Burj Khalifa or the Wild Wadi Water Park. Take a trip to the islands of the World, see the sunset over the Dubai Creek or enjoy some indoor skiing at Ski Dubai! Go to the famous Dubai Mall for all those great discounts or the Dubai Museum for an in-depth look at the city’s past. Other cities that should be included in your itinerary include Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman and Ras al-Khaimah.

The UAE isn’t just about its cities, though. You can enjoy a unique number of experiences that will redefine your holiday here! Go ahead and attend a camel race! Explore Sharjah, known across the world as the cultural capital of the Arab world! Shop to your heart’s content at the Gold Souk in Dubai. Make a trip to the majestic mountains and the Gulf of Oman in Fujairah. Go ahead and spend some time in an authentic archaeological dig site! And if your family has come along, take a day out to visit the exciting Dreamland Water Park. With such a list to choose from, travellers will be pressed for choice!

The traditional cuisine of the UAE is also an experience worth being a part of! Rich and sporting a unique taste, traditional dishes from this part of the world contain rice, fish and meat. The adventurous among us can even try their hand at some stuffed camel, a delicacy that is served the year-round. Those not wanting to stray too far from the reserve, though, can stick to other dishes like Al Harees, the world-famous Shawarma, Al Machboos and Hummus. You can also try out other favourites like Falafel, Ghuzi and Matchbous! The exotic sounding names of all the dishes found in the UAE are matched only by the exotic tastes that they bring in tow!

The UAE, in particular Dubai, is also known for one other thing; a list of adventure sports that will leave your pulse racing! You can go desert camping or sea-kayaking. The harsh terrain is also perfect for an afternoon of mountain biking while the waters along the sandy coastline of Dubai offer pristine hotspots for scuba diving!

But the pursuit for an adrenaline kick should be tempered with a few plans in place if things go wrong. With a range of travel insurance covers customised for your needs, Flexicover is here to help! Whether you need medical assistance, are faced with a loved one being injured, or have missed that important in-trip flight, we have a range of covers to protect your valuable time and invested effort.

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