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The Vatican City travel insurance

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The Vatican City travel insurance

As the primary seat of the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican is a popular destination, and attracts hosts of devout Christians wanting to profess their faith and curious tourists. Steeped in history, every part of this magnificent destination speaks of momentous times. Along with main attractions like the Basilica of St. Peter, Saint Peter’s Square and the many Vatican Museums, other beautiful structures that demand your attention include the likes of the Sistine Chapel, the Gardens of the Vatican City as well as the Vatican Necropolis!

Start your journey by having an audience with the Pope! An event that occurs every Wednesday, while the Pope is in residence, the audience is held in a large building that can seat around 5,000 people! Join the crowd and hear the leader of one of the most prominent religions in the world speak to you movingly! An important highlight that should also be covered as quickly as is possible is a visit to the wondrous Sistine Chapel. Housing some of Michelangelo’s most famous works, you must feast on sights like the Creation of Adam and the Last Judgement. In order to visit the chapel, though, one must journey through the Vatican Museum, an experience that is well worth being a part off.

With a massive collection of paintings and sculptures made by the likes of Raphael and Michelangelo, the series of buildings that make up the museum have 1,400 rooms and a complex that covers a staggering 13 acres. Another highlight of your Vatican visit should be some time spent at St. Peter’s Square. Buzzing with thousands of people, the veritable sea of humanity is sure to keep you entertained! The square itself is a wonder worth witnessing, with a balustrade that boasts 140 statues of hallowed saints.

A tour of the inside of St. Peter’s Basilica is also a must-have on your itinerary. With a dome that rises about 435 feet about the floor, the sheer size of this structure will humble you. With gorgeous marble structures, statues and beautiful religious artworks, this man-made marvel took a staggering 120 years to build!

No matter which part of the Vatican you may want to visit, though, it is essential to have a few plans in place in case of an emergency. With a range of travel insurance covers customised for your needs, Flexicover is here to help! Whether you need medical assistance, are faced with a loved one being injured, or have missed that important in-between flight, we have a range of covers to protect your valuable time and invested effort.

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